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  • Tuesday, 30 May 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 30th May 2017 Episode 2396 Written Update

    Episode Start with Suwarna is Trying to talk with Dadi regarding Naira But Dadi said I don’t want to listen This Girl is Very Stubborn go and Make her understand How To Live in Sasural She Only do what She Want to do and Kartik also Do what she Said…and She Stopped Kartik Stands at Door..he asked her to come in He asked her About Her health
    Than He Showed her Letter of Ministry of Affairs
    Here Naira is Thinking How Dadi refused and She Saw Akshra’s Photo and She Saw one Paper and Kartik came Inside and Said Go and Do Preparation for Competition Dadi is Agree now
    He Cups her face but Naira Jerks and Said Why You Did This ?

    He Said I Know How Much This Academy  Means To You …Naira Said That I Want to do this What She will think that I couldn’t did so I sent You…
    Kartik Said That You are thinking So Much Its Not Easy to convince Dadi There is Gap between Their and Ours Thinking
    Naira Said You didn’t even Give Chance
    She Try to make Him Understand That I want To Make relationship Just Like You have with My families
    Kartik Stands up Angry and Said 1st understand Our relationship than we will Others and He Thrown out his Coat and Left Naira is Shocked
    Here Dadi Calls Suwarna and Sulekhna and Informed Them That we cancle Mahabhoj Coz Naira will be Busy So I canacled If I said yes and Something will happen than Kittu will come and take her side Suwarna Try to Defend Naira But Dadi Scold her
    Here Kartik is Taking out his Frustration on Pen’s ink and Akhilesh is Saying Him That Did You Fight With Naira..Manish is Listing This from Little Far
    Akhilesh is trying to make him Understand That Girls have Many Thing Just put yourself in Her Place
    Manish Informed Akhilesh That Delhi’s investors he About to Say Something..Kartik yelled That he is My Investor now I will Go..Manish ask akhilesh what happen

    Here Dadi is complaining and Crying In front of Her Husband’s Photo
    Naira came to Room and Said I am here not for Explaining or anything I wanted you to Say yes on my views Not Kartik’s
    Dadi Scolded That No You have Now Your Thing Just Go and Do Preparation

    Naira is Confused and asked Can I Aske You Something She Didn’t replied and Naira left From there

    Naira Comes in Room with tea for Kartik Who is packing His Stuff…Naira teased him that Your Mayka is Here Where will You Go By Anger
    He Shouted That’s why You taking advantage and he Stopped and informed Her That he is going to Delhi and He wear His Coat again
    He informed That Mr Goenka will go with me
    She Thanked Silently that This will be Great
    She Gives him tea and He left tea on table Naira Tried to make conversation him But he Shouted That I was Just Helping and He Said Bye and Left While Coughing
    Naira Took tea and Run behind Him
    But he Stopped By Love Kush he Kissed Them and comes Downstairs Naira Still have Tea in hand and She is Behind

    Kartik met with Dadi and he Informed her That he is Going to Delhi Dadi Did Nazar utarna
    Naira is Accusing Herself That for My Dream he is Damaging His relation
    Kartik Is Going and Naira is Praying that Just Once See me Kartik
    He Comes to Exit Door and Stopped Saw His phone and Left. Suwarna Saw This
    Disappointed Naira Put tea on table She is Crying and Suwarna Console her
    Kids comes and Asked Why Mahabhoj is cancle and Naira About to ask but Gayu called Same Time and She asked What happened Naira About Convincing Dadi ?
    Naira Said yes ..She Convinced Gayu Said Than Why ddnt You Said This Before ??
    Naira Informed That Kartik convinced her

    Naira is InKitchen and She is talking With Phone in hand  She Sent Voice Mail That If You wont See my On Video call I wont Sleep
    Kartik is Continuing Coughing and  Manish comes with Doctor..Stunned Kartik allow Him
    He is watching Expression on Manish’ face Doctor said That He Has fever I will give injection and Suddenly Manish Turns and Shockingly ask why Injection,,Cant You Give Medicine
    Kartik Saw Manish’s Expression and Smile..Manish Remember Childhood Memory of Him When he was Scared from Injection
    Suddenly Kartik Shouted and Manish Looks at him concern in his Eyes Kartik Stares Him

    Precap : Naira Informed That I invited All Pandits for Mahabhoj and Same Time Dancers too come Seeing Dancer’s Dress Pandit told That Like This You will Insult us and Food too Dadi Cried Naira Shocked

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