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  • Thursday, 13 April 2017

    Devakshi FF : Khargosh's Dairy Part 5 Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi


    After reading all of this , I was in shock state .

    My brain started churning and my heart becomes heavy suddenly it hit me like a bucket of cold water.   


    Dev's narration :

    Then it hit me .

    The protective feeling , I had towards Sonakshi was not because of brotherly love. Not friendly love

    Every single  time any boy would hurt her, my heart and mind used to burst with anger.

    And when I saw my Khargosh upset , I always wanted to be the one to make her cheerup.

    This was totally not because of brotherly love. Hell , it was either  not friendly love at all.

    It was love.pure love

    After, all this time. I had been an idiot, Actually real Khargosh is me only my Sona.

    But I was actually in love.

    I have to tell Khargosh.

    Wo mujhse jitna pyar karti h utna hi pyar main bhi use karta hu...

    Wo kaha Hogi?

    Wo Mr. Symboisis use kaha leke gaya hoga?

    Then I remembered her telling me that she ll go book  store after having dinner.

    I hurriedly took a cab.

    When, I finally reached the book store.

    I saw my Khargosh smiling and laughing and talking to Mr.Symboisis Ritwik.

    The feeling that Sona might actually be happy with him started to crawl through me.

    Maybe, Sona  didn't love me anymore. As I watched her I saw her hands were shaking

    This only happened, when Khargosh  was irritated.

    I saw her discomfort.

    Then I saw that Ritwik was a Whatsapp chatterbox and couldn't stop talking.

    That's when the feeling of doubt left me.

    I took a deep breath of faith and went inside the book store.

    I went up to Khargosh and Ritwik stopped talking.

    She got up and asked , "What are you doing here Dev ?"

    And for the first ever in my life , I couldn't speak anything  in front of a girl.

    So I pulled Khargosh close and tried to hug her.

    Guess what? Khargosh slapped me and ran away.

    I followed her hoping that Ritwik was not following us.

    She stopped all of a sudden.

    By this time my lungs was in mouth.

    My heart was beating so fast.

    Then she started crying.

    "What do I do?" the only thing that was roaming through my mind.

    I had never been in such a difficult situation before.

    I pulled Khargosh into a hug and held her in my arms.

    And she hit me again.
    On my chest...

    Sona  started talking but was still crying. sobbing hitting
    Me...tears in her i feel how much she love me...i ddnt stop her...

    And she said , "Why are you here Dev ? And, why now? After all, these years, why now tell me ?

    "You read my diary, didn't you?,

    I don't need your pity love Dev .Keep it for other.

    "I don't want it."

    Then I took her out of my arms and stared into her eyes.

    And said , hey my Khargosh
    "Don't cry, please. Stop crying . I need to tell you something very important."

    She looked at me and said , "What?"

    I took a deep long  breath and close my eyes and said, "I ... I ..hmmm love you, and I know you love me too Khargosh."

    That time she looked hell angry and now , she looked furious.

    " You loving me is the biggest lie Dev , Maine bus tumahre muh se suna . I know you. I know how you are. Tumhe bus ek hi chiz aati hai

    make girls feel loved and then leave them. Leave them with a broken heart

    This was too much.

    Ab main usse kah raha hu ki I loved you  and now she didn't believe me.

    "Listen to me. I love you Khargosh. I have only loved and will only love you. I am really sorry for all that I have done. But I really love you and please give me a chance to do things right.

    aur wo sabhi ladkiya bus mere paise Mere Naam ke karan thi but you you always with me  And I swear I will not leave you. You are not like those girls I used to date. You are different."

    and again I pulled her into my arms.

    And Sona  was still hitting me and trying to run away.

    We were now on empty street...

    I squeezed her tightly against my arms and said , "Main tumhe ab kahi nahi Jaane dunga Suna tumne Bahut ho gaya bus."

    She suddenly stopped.

    She looked up and slowly smiled.

    And I leaned in closer and our lips touched into a kiss.

    For the first time ever in my life , I had kissed the girl I loved and the best feeling  was that she loved me too.

    I kissed Khargosh  with all my love and to tell her that she was mine and mine only.

    She smiled hug me tight...

    She asked u relaize so late Dev...

    u said me dumbo naa now i m agree with you...i m really ddnt know abt ur feelings but

    But why dont u tell me how much you love me...why u hide so many things inside you... Sorry Khargosh soo sorry...

    She put her fingers on my lips...
    Dev no need to sorry u realized its biggest thing for me...

    I love u Sonakshi...i shouted...lift her in my arms and round round on empty street...rain drops on us...
    I love u Sonakshi...

    And from that day on , she was the only one for me and I was never going to let her go.

    Not even in a thousand years.


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