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  • Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    Bijoy and Dev Locked in One Room Asha's Punishment Kuch Rang Pyar Ke UMT 4th April Video Wu

    Asha Locked Bijoy and dev in One room
    Bijoy Knocked and asked What is this Asha replied That You both Solve Your issues 

    This All Started When Golu came to House and He was Playing Cricket 
    He Shot The Ball and Ball landed on Haldi's Boul

    Bijoy Scold Him for This But Dev Came to Rescue But Bijoy Yelled on Him and Asked Who's idea for Playing Cricket Your Dev??

    Fumed Dev Replied That My Shot was Perfect If i Played 
    Bijoy cutt off him and asked What Do You Mean You want to Hit On my By Ball 
    He Told asha That If Dev will say one more Thing Either he will live here or me

    Dev Retorted and Told Than I will Call Cab 

    Asha had enough of Both and She locked Both In One Room To Solve their Issue 
    Will This Work ??

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