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  • Tuesday, 21 March 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 21st March Episode Written Update and Youtube Video Link

    Written Update

    Episode Start with Sona and Soha in car and Sona is Getting Flashback from Soha’s Yesterday’s word
    Sona Asked Her That Are you angry please Forgive me Ok Scold me or anything
    They Reach Bose House and Soha Run to home without Waiting for Sona and Sona Shouted her name but She ddnt Stop

    Dixit House
    Mamaji Is trying to console ishwari and Told her that Dev will come
    Ishwari said I have Doubt that Sona will enter in dev’s life again But Dev came and Cut her off that this will never happen
    Ishwari composed her and Said That I thought For Soha You will Again let sona came in Your Life Dev Said What Ruppish You are Talking Ishwari Said When She was Not here You Cried for her
    Dev Said I was With Suhana and Today She Asked me Something and I Said No to her
    Ishwari asked What Dev Narrate Her That Soha Asked To live with Both and He without hear Ishwari’s crap Left for Room and he get all the Flashback That How Sona and They Ended Their Relationship

    Bose House
    Soha Came and meet Bijoy and Asha
    Bijoy asked What You Get there She replied Papa and Bijoy And asha Stunned to hear this
    Sona came To Save Situation and Told That Snake came to camp
    Soha Saw here Mother and She Runs to her Room

    Dixit House
    Dev came to Room and Golu There
    He said I came for my Friend That is You
    Dev Said I am Bed Papa But Golu Said That No You are Best Papa You did Eveything For her
    I stopped Asking Anything from My Papa Coz he Never Give me Anything Dev hugged him

    Bose House

    Asha came To Sona and Asked Why Soha is Upset
    Sona Narrate What Dev Did For her and Soha asked To live With Both

    Sona Defends and Said That There is Nothing Between us But Asha Said You have Sona Between You

    Soha is Arranging Drawing In Rooms and She get Flashbacks of her Papa
    And She Saw Golu’s call and He asked Are You Upset or Something
    Dev Said Golu told her That He is her brother and he wont Said Anything to Dev But Soha Said I know You are Spying on me and Cut the Call
    Sona Saw this and Next Scene office Where Sona And Dev Meet and When Sona Said Soha ddnt talk to her Both Said in unison that She Just Like You
    Than Dev Said She is Like You Stubborn and Sona Said No Just Like You Unpredictable and Then Phone Rings Sona About to Attend but Phone Falls On Floor Both Together About to take But their Head Collide and They get Old Flashback and Lost in Memory

    Dev and Golu came to meet Suhana
    Golu asked than Why we are Out of house
    Dev Said I have Habit of Staying out of house
    Sona came and asked Why you here She Said That She Left for School without even meet me
    Dev Said That Come to School with me But She Said I wont go on this Bike They Started Nok-jhok and She Left with her Car and Dev With Bike

    Both Came to School and They Saw Soha is Sitting alone they Asked why you are Sitting alone She Said I dnt want to Share Anything with You Dev Somehow tried to talk but Rises Break over and She runs to Class

    Dev is getting Flashback when he Comes to know That Soha is his Daughter
    He runs to Sona and Asked her She Said I am in Meeting Dev Said Nothing More important Then our Daughter
    Sona Said I am Not understanding  anything Dev Said Why ??You gave her birth You have to talk to her
    Sona Said jatin is so close to her He will talk to her Dev gets Angry and Said She is Our Daughter Either You or me have to talk to her 

    Ronita's family and Bose family meet and apologise , then finalize date for Sourabh and Ronita's wedding 
    Dev Sona reach school and golu complains today suhana did not sit with him, share tiffin nor spoke to him, suhana was scolded by teacher . 
    Dev Sona are worried for suhana .

    PRECAP :

    Bose House
    dining table.. 

    Suhana asks asha and daadu to book their tickets for kolkata.  Asha reminds that Durga puja was still far away . She replies they were not going for puja but she wanted to live with her grand parents at kolkata leaving mumma here at delhi . Sona is stunned to hear this 

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