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  • Wednesday, 29 March 2017

    Dev's Hand on Sona's Shoulder in Photo Session Kuch Rang Pyar Je Ese Bhi SBAS 29th March Video Wu

    Written Update

    Saurabh's Aashirwaad Ceremony Where dev Hosted and After The Ceremony Photo Session Was Going On

    And Then Photographer asked Dev To keep His Hand On Sonakshi's Shoulder and Sona Looks at Him and He Put His Hand on Her Shoulder Bijoy Who is Fuming Cant do anything and Perfect family Picture Clicked 

    Reporter Showed Scene Where dev and Sona Arguing over Something and Voice Over Said We Know Love Will Soon Blossoms Soon and We Will See Our devakshi Soon
    Suhana asked Dev Why are You so late he Said I Was tieing dhoti 
    Suhana Said You are Looking Mr Bose 
    Dev loved the compliment

    Offscreen Shaheer Tried To Say Something in Bengali and All Burst In laughter 

    Reporter Said We want to see This is Real Life Too Dev 

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