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  • Tuesday, 21 March 2017

    Asha To Doubt Sona Regarding Her Feeling for Dev Bijoy will Angry Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 21st March

    As we Seen in Yesterday's Episode Suhana wants mother and father’s love together and she wants to live with Both Of them.Dev and Sona tried Hard to Make her understand  but She Stick to her words and She told them About Her Decision 
    After we Saw In Precap That How Ishwari Shocked to hear from Dev about Suhana's decision and There on Bose House Sona Told her Mother Asha that Suhana Loves her Father and Asha Asked DO you Love Her????
    We will See That Sona For Once Stunned to Hear from her mother and She will Say that She wants Only her Daughter's Happiness If She will Happy So will I.
    Not convinced From Her Answer Asha Wont say anything and Dev will be Soon Gharjamai And Bijoy will be Angry from Sona and Her Decision 
    Sona Will try to convince Him and Nothing will happen again Between her and Dev But Asha has Doubt on Her Daughter's feeling for Dev 
    So Are You excited for Upcoming Episode ??

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