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  • Wednesday, 22 March 2023

    "Anuj Gets Angry to See Anupamaa Playing Holi, Insulted her In Front of Everyone "Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd March 2023


    "Anuj Gets Angry to See Anupamaa Playing Holi, Insulted her In Front of Everyone "Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd March 2023

    "Anuj Gets Angry to See Anupamaa Playing Holi, Insulted her In Front of Everyone "Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd March 2023.

    The episode begins with a Holi celebration. Hasmukh tries to cheer up Anupama. Everyone puts colours on each other and eats sweets.



    Anupama keeps waiting for Anuj. She imagines Anuj walking towards her and so is Anu. She gets excited to see them. She dances with them but soon her daydream comes to end. She wipes her tears. Everyone tries to make her dance. Anupama walks to Paritosh and plays with Arya. Meanwhile, Anuj arrives at the location with Dheeraj and finds Anupama playing Holi with others.


    Anupamaa 22nd March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    He feels disheartened and gets reminded of Anu leaving their house with Maaya. As he keeps staring at Anupama, he finds himself alone. Anupama misses Anuj and Anu’s presence. Devika finds Dheeraj and asks him about Anuj. Dheeraj shows her where Anuj is standing. Devika calls Anupama and shows him, Anuj. Anupama is surprised to see him and finally smiles which reaches her eyes.


    She grabs some colours and runs towards him. She puts a tika on his forehead and takes blessings from him. She wishes him a happy holi and asks him to put colours on her too. Anuj tells her that her Holi can be happy but his Holi is still faded. Anupama asks him what he’s saying. Anuj screams out at her and asks her to stop her drama. The Shahs are taken aback by his behaviour.



    Hasmukh asks him what’s wrong. Kavya asks him if everything is okay. Anupama asks Anuj why he’s getting so upset and what she’s has done wrong to upset him. Anuj gets emotional and screams at her for celebrating Holi after losing her daughter. Anupama goes speechless and shivers in pain. Anuj asks her how she can move on so easily and forget Anu completely.


    He accuses her of not caring about Anu and him as her own family and children are with her. He tells her that he’s become all alone. He tells Anupama that her Holi must be very special this time as she doesn’t have to take on Anu’s responsibilities anymore and can spend as much time as she wants with her family and children. He wishes her Happy Holi and forces her to put colours on her.


     He asks everyone to celebrate Holi grandly. He goes crazy, throws the colour plates and puts colours on Anupama making her feel guilty. As he leaves, Samar gets angry at him for misbehaving with his mother. Anupama turns around and asks him not to interfere between Anuj and her as it’s their matter. She follows Anuj. Dheeraj and Devika leave too. Anuj walks away. Anupama walks behind him.



     She understands the pain Anuj’s going through and her world gets shattered seeing her love in a pathetic condition. She trembles while walking and holds herself strong. Anuj breaks down seeing a daughter putting colours on her father. He wipes his tears and keeps walking. Anupama follows him. She feels helpless for not being able to take Anuj out of his frustration. Later, Adhik informs the Shahs that Leela has boarded the train to Jamnagar. Kinjal serves refreshing drinks to everyone.


    Hasmukh tells his family that Anu’s departure has shattered Anuj completely and he is failing to realise how much he’s hurting Anupama. Samar tells him that Anuj isn’t upset alone but Anupama too is going through the pain of losing Anu and no one has the right to shout at her. Kinjal tells them that she didn’t expect this kind of behaviour from Anuj. Kavya tells her that Anuj isn’t in the right state of mind. Adhik agrees with Samar that Anupama isn’t wrong here.


    Pakhi tells them that Anupama has never discriminated against Anu from the rest of her children and has been a perfect mother. Kavya holds her family responsible for always being dependent on Anupama which led Maaya to take Anu away. Vanraj smiles as Anuj’s real side is being come out and he’s like other men. Hasmukh decides to visit Kapadia mansion to talk to Anuj. Vanraj stops him as Anupama wouldn’t like their interference. Anuj keeps calling Maaya to talk to Anu.


     Dheeraj feels Anupama should keep her point of view too. As Anuj turns, he gets stuck with Anupama.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd March 2023 :

     Anupama asks Anuj to talk his heart out. Anuj tells her that he feels suffocated after Anu has left. He tells her that he doesn’t want to stay in the marriage anymore. Anupama loses her balance and sits on the floor.

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