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  • Monday 20 March 2023

    "Anuj Asks Anupamaa "How Can She Move So Early?" and Sleeps In Other Room "Anupamaa Upcoming 20th March 2023


    "Anuj Asks Anupamaa "How Can She Move So Early?" and Sleeps In Other Room "Anupamaa Upcoming 20th March 2023.

    "Anuj Asks Anupamaa "How Can She Move So Early?" and Sleeps In Other Room "Anupamaa Upcoming 20th March 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anupama hugs Devika after knowing about Dheeraj and her decision to marry.



     She tells her that Dheeraj is a nice person and will keep her happy. Devika tells her that they have taken the decision to see Anuj and her relationship but are afraid now looking at their current situation. Anupama asks her not to act like a crazy person as Anuj still loves her. She reminds Devika how she had a panic attack while in the Shah house and feels that Anuj is going through the same situation. She apologizes to Devika for ruining their good news.

    Anupamaa 20th March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Devika hugs her and tells Anuj that they will have to make him forget everything otherwise their relationship will fail. Dheeraj wonders how he can take Anuj out of his trauma. Pakhi tells her family that this is her first Holi after marriage and misses Anupama.

     Samar tells her that Anupama would have been so much excited to celebrate their first Holi but the situation made everything upside down. Kavya suggests everyone celebrate Holi as staying disappointed would double their sorrow.


     Meanwhile, Vanraj and Adhik bring Paritosh home from a doctor’s checkup. Kinjal asks them if Paritosh had any improvements after the physiotherapy. Vanraj keeps a glass in front of Paritosh which he holds by himself and drinks water.



    The family jumps in joy seeing Paritosh getting back to his normal life gradually. Paritosh thanks his family and especially Kinjal for taking so much care of him. He gets emotional as he couldn’t do anything for his family. He regrets not being able to be Vanraj’s support. Vanraj asks him not to worry as he will soon start walking. Samar decides to surprise Anupama with Paritosh’s improvement in Holi. Hasmukh decides to invite them to celebrate the festivals of colors.


    Dheeraj asks Anuj and Anupama at the dining table about their honeymoon destination. Anuj and Anupama stay quiet. Dheeraj informs the Kapadias about Devika and his decision to marry again. Ankush congratulates them. Barkha tells them that Anuj and Anupama are true inspirations for every couple. 

    Dheeraj asks them about their Holi plan. Ankush tells him that they don’t feel like but festival should be celebrated. Dimpy agrees as she’s ready to go out to play Holi even after a disaster in her life. Barkha reminds them that it’s Anuj and Anupama’s first Holi after marriage. Pakhi and Adhik enter Vanraj’s room to request him to play with them. When Vanraj denies it, Kavya enters the room and asks him to play Holi if he wants otherwise Holi will be celebrated without him.



    Meanwhile, Hasmukh calls Anupama and realizes from her voice that she’s not fine. He invites them to come to play Holi. Anupama asks him to wait as she needs to ask Anuj. She asks Anuj who keeps numb. Ankush tells Hasmukh that they will come. Devika assures Hasmukh that she will take Anuj and Anupama. Anuj tells everyone that they can go anywhere they want but asks them not to force him.


     He leaves the table. Anupama is broken. Later at night, she waits for Anuj in the room. He sits at one corner of the bed. Anupama holds him and asks him to come to Holi. She tells Anuj that Maaya had called her to tell her that they can talk to Anu sometimes but not every day as Anu will miss them. She asks him if they can start afresh. Anuj taunts her for moving on so easily forgetting what has happened.


    He asks her to do anything but not involve her in this and he’s not apologetic for his behavior. She tells him that Devika and Dheeraj are their close friends and they should be present at the wedding preparation. Anuj tells her that he cannot do anything and goes to another room to sleep.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 21st March 2023 :

     Anupama visits the Shah house. She gets excited seeing Paritosh’s improvement. Dheeraj requests Anuj to celebrate Holi with Anupama as her Holi is incomplete without him.

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