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  • Wednesday, 16 November 2022

    "Anupamaa Reveals Pakhi's Truth, Vanraj-Anuj are Shocked, Pakhi Remain Shameless " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th November 2022



    "Anupamaa Reveals Pakhi's Truth, Vanraj-Anuj are Shocked, Pakhi Remain Shameless " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th November 2022

    "Anupamaa Reveals Pakhi's Truth, Vanraj-Anuj are Shocked, Pakhi Remain Shameless " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th November 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Amidst the sangeet, when Vanraj looks for Pakhi, Anuj tells him that Pakhi is with Anupama due to her outfit issues.



     Pakhi pleads with Anupama not to cancel her wedding. When Anupama goes to open the door, Pakhi begs in front of her. She doesn’t stop and leaves the room. Pakhi follows her with teary eyes. While the family enjoys the sangeet and grooves together, Anupama walks towards the stage area. Pakhi asks her not to spoil everyone’s happiness. Anupama screams to stop the music and switch on the light.


    Anupamaa 16th November Today's Episode Written Update

     The family is taken aback by her reaction. Vanraj asks her what the matter is. Anuj requests his guests to give them space as it’s their family matter. Pakhi asks Vanraj to talk to Anupama. Anupama tells her in front of everyone that there will be no wedding ceremonies. Vanraj asks her what the matter is. Anupama tells him that there’s no end to Pakhi’s mistakes.


     She reveals Pakhi’s attitude and how her life is surrounded by adamant, misbehaviour and greed. She tells her family how Pakhi is embarrassed to do her wedding from the Shah house. She feels that Pakhi should be grateful to Devika for organising such a beautiful set-up at such small notice but found faults in it too.



    She further tells how she insulted Kanta and Bhavesh in front of guests for not wearing expensive outfits. She reveals that Pakhi has brought expensive jewellery without informing anyone. Leela asks her not to scold Pakhi if she has spent about a lakh or so buying jewellery. Anupama shows everyone the bill of sixty lakhs. The family is shocked. Vanraj is taken aback.


    Anupama tells him that Pakhi thinks herself to be a queen. She apologizes to Anuj as Pakhi has taken advantage. Anuj asks her not to feel sorry on behalf of Pakhi. Anupama asks Pakhi to listen to her carefully. She tells her that she will not let Anuj get exploited. She asks Pakhi not to stay quiet but argue with her as she feels her mother is jealous of her. She asks her how someone can be jealous of her when she achieved nothing in life. She appreciates Vanraj for throwing Pakhi out of the house.


    She feels Anuj should have never accepted Pakhi in his house. She also feels that Pakhi should have been thrown out of the house so that she understands life and how important family is. She tells that parents can never be selfish or take action for their misbehaviour. She breaks down into tears for being foolish. She feels disgusted at Pakhi for being her daughter and knows how a mother is blamed for her children’s upbringing.



    Kanta tells her that every plant grows differently though the gardener is the same. Leela compares Pakhi with Samar for being two different people Anupama’s children. Kavya is glad that Paritosh has realized his mistake. Devika blames Pakhi for not giving importance to Anupama. Anupama tells her how Pakhi considers her to be her enemy.


    She tells how she felt like slapping Pakhi when she insulted Kanta. She tells everyone how Pakhi didn’t even consult Adhik before accepting such expensive jewellery. She apologizes to Adhik for misunderstanding him though he has changed. She feels that Pakhi doesn’t deserve Adhik. She tells everyone about Pakhi’s arguments with Adhik just after two days after their marriage.


    She feels that they should protect Adhik from a girl like Pakhi. She tells Anuj how Pakhi called her a gold digger in front of Barkha’s friends. She feels disgusted at Pakhi’s mindset. She asks Pakhi to stop dreaming of her husband’s money. Anuj tells Pakhi that he cannot forgive her for insulting Anupama.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 17th November 2022 :

     When Pakhi doesn’t want to leave the Kapadia mansion, Vanraj asks Anupama not to throw Pakhi out of the house. Anupama suggests him take Pakhi along with him. Leela tells her that Pakhi has the right to stay in her in-law's house. The family rejects to take Pakhi with them. Anupama asks Pakhi to get out.

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