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  • Tuesday, 22 November 2022

    "Anupamaa-Anuj Got Hit On their Heads By Goons, Will Anuj Survive ? " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd November 2022


    "Anupamaa-Anuj Got Hit On their Heads By Goons, Will Anuj Survive ? "  Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd November 2022 "   

    The episode begins in the dhaba where Dimple gets harassed by one of the goons. Anupama asks him to delete the photos.



    They get into an argument when Anupama shouts Anuj’s name. Anuj and Nimrit run toward them. When the goon pushes Anupama, Anuj arrives there and saves her from falling. He beats the goon up. Dimple calls the goon to be cheap. After Anuj takes them inside the car, the goon decides to take revenge on them.

    Anupamaa 22nd November Today's Episode Written Update


     While Anuj drives the car, Nimrit asks him to drop them nearby a stoppage. Anuj and Anupama don’t find it to be safe to drop them anywhere as the goons may harass them again. Dimple and Nimrit get frustrated after getting harassed by the goons. Anupama feels that boys should be taught to behave with others. Anuj calls the culture to be masculine toxicity. He feels that the whole of society is responsible for it.


     Anupama feels thankful to Kanha ji for saving them from any mishap. Nimrit apologizes to them for putting them in trouble. Anupama asks him not to feel sorry. Anuj asks them to relax. Dimple and Nimrit ask Anuj to drop them off nearby. Anuj stops the car. The newlywed thanked Anupama and Anuj for being there for them. Anupama asks Dimple to keep the lioness inside her life. Anuj gives them best wishes.



    Though Anupama feels hesitant to leave the couple in the middle of the road, Nirmit asks them not to worry as they will reach the nearby bus stoppage soon. Before leaving, Anupama gives a hair clip to Dimple as her wedding gift to her. Dimple likes her gesture and asks her to fix the hair clip in her hair.

     Anupama does so for her and asks everyone for a selfie to capture their good memories. She gives credit to Anu for teaching her to capture the moments. Anupama hesitates to leave and asks the couple to call her after they reach.

    Anuj asks Anupama if she’s fine. She tells him that she feels restless. Anuj decides to stop the car. She feels sick and drinks water. He asks her why she’s feeling sick. She asks him to drive the car again as she doesn’t feel good about it. Meanwhile, the goons follow Dimple and Nimrit and stop the car in front of them.


    Nirmit asks Dimple to run as the goons walk toward them. The couple gets scared. Anupama tells Anuj that she feels nervous. Anuj asks her to relax. When she looks for her purse, she finds Dimple’s charger. The goons attack Dimple and Nirmit.







    While the other goons attack Nirmit, one of the goons holds Dimple for calling him an animal. Meanwhile, Anuj and Anupama reach there to hand over the charger to Dimple and are shocked as they find the goons attacking Dimple and Nirmit. Anupama takes out her coin purse and a spray bottle to deal with the goons. Anuj beats the goons.


     When the goons surround Anuj, Anupama loses her temper and keeps beating the goons with his coin purse. She Yells At Them that They are Underestimating  Women's Power She Can become Durga. As Nirmit lies on the road, Anuj, Dimple, and Anupama take him inside the car. One of the good attacks Anuj and Anupama with a big size wooden stick.


    They lose their balance and fall on the road with blood coming from their heads. The goon holds Dimple and snatches her to his car. Anupama raises her hand but isn’t able to get up to save Dimple. Anuj and Anupama lie on the road losing their senses.

     Nirmit lies inside the car. Anupama opens her eyes and finds Anuj lying beside her. He Sees him Struggling and She struggles too to get up but fails.


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