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  • Wednesday, 23 November 2022

    "Anupamaa-Anuj Gets Shocked to See Dimple's Condition, Filed FIR, Anupamaa Feels Gulty" Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd November 2022


    "Anupamaa-Anuj Gets Shocked to See Dimple's Condition, Filed FIR, Anupamaa Feels Gulty"  Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd November 2022

     "Anupamaa-Anuj Gets Shocked to See Dimple's Condition, Filed FIR, Anupamaa Feels Gulty"  Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd November 2022.

    The episode begins on the road. Anupama glides towards Anuj and holds his hand. She calls Anuj trying to wake him up. She somehow wakes up.



    Anuj gains consciousness and hugs her. They both manage to get up. They shiver in pain and fear losing each other. Anupama reminds Anuj of Dimpy and Nirmit. Anuj gets up and asks Nirmit to open his eyes. Anupama cries in fear thinking about Dimpy’s condition. Anuj screams her name. He tried calling the police. 

    Anupama finds the hair clip she gave to Dimpy. As she walks by, she’s shattered to find Dimpy in a devastating situation. Anuj screams and so does Anupama. They lose their calm seeing her condition. Later, Anuj and Anupama take Dimpy and Nirmit to the hospital. The couple’s treatment starts. Anuj and Anupama get treated for their wounds too. Anuj calls the police and tells them about the situation.

    Anupamaa 23rd November Today's Episode Written Update

     He requests them to retrieve data from his damaged phone where he clicked photos of those goons and their car’s number plate. Anupama recalls Dimpy and her bubbly nature. She cannot imagine that Dimpy who’s so lively is inside the chamber. She regrets not being able to save Dimpy. She fumes in anger at the goon’s behavior towards Dimpy. Samar gets worried as Anupama’s phone is unreachable. Hasmukh asks him not to worry as Anupama will call him when she gets network.


    Meaning, Jignesh brings jalebi. Kavya asks Hasmukh not to eat more than one. He asks her not to be strict like Anupama. Paritosh agrees that eating sweets makes the heart happy. As the family enjoys their breakfast, Vanraj tries to go out of the house with a tiffin box in his hand. Leela notices him and asks him where he’s going. 

    Anuj requests the police not to spare the goons who tortured Dimpy. The police assure him to give justice to Dimpy and ask him to take care of Anupama.


    Anupama breaks down seeing the selfie she asked to click. Anuj sits beside her and tells her that nobody should treat a girl like this. She cries thinking about Dimpy’s condition after she wakes up. She tells how a girl never forgets when a boy touches her without her permission. Anuj breaks down too and regrets not being able to stop the goons from harassing Dimpy. 

    Anupama blames themselves too for leaving them at the stoppage where they asked to. Kavya asks Vanraj if he’s carrying a tiffin for Pakhi. Leela and Kinjal ask Vanraj not to do so. He asks them what’s the issue with giving breakfast to Pakhi. Kavya tells him that it’s not about taking food for Pakhi but letting her get a lesson for her behavior.



     Leela tells Vanraj that Pakhi will treat them like a doormat gradually. Kinjal asks him to let Pakhi be independent. Vanraj tells them that Pakhi is fond of the french toast Kavya makes. Paritosh praises him for his concern for Pakhi but doesn’t know her mental situation. Vanraj asks him to understand him for being a father. Paritosh tells him that he doesn’t want him to get hurt.


    Vanraj tells everyone that Pakhi’s kitchen setup isn’t done yet and ordered food twice. Hasmukh asks him to listen to everyone. Leela snatches the box from him and makes him clear that she wouldn’t allow him to pamper Pakhi. Anupama screams and sits on the floor thinking about Dimpy. Vanraj tells Leela that Pakhi might fall sick after having ordered food. Leela reminds him that Pakhi used to eat food from outside regularly. She asks him to go to Pakhi’s house and cook for Adhik and her.


    She asks him not to worry as Pakhi should learn to cook. Anuj offers water to Anupama. When the doctor comes out, Anupama asks her about Dimpy and Nirmit’s condition. The doctor tells them that the patients are not in a good condition. Police want to take their statement. The doctor tells the officer that Nirmit and Dimpy aren’t in a situation to give statements.

     She suggests Anuj take them to a better hospital. She asks Anupama to meet Dimpy as she was uttering her name even in a state of unconscious. Anuj asks Anupama to gather the courage to meet Dimpy.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 24th November 2022 :

     Anupama meets Dimpy and tries to motivate her. Nirmit doesn’t want to get involved in a police case. Dimpy asks Nirmit if he’s with her.

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