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  • Monday, 21 November 2022

    "Anuj Gets Into Argument with Goons, Anupamaa Senses Something Wrong is Going to Happen " Anupamaa Upcoming 21st November 2022


    "Anuj Gets Into Argument with Goons, Anupamaa Senses Something Wrong is Going to Happen " Anupamaa Upcoming 21st November 2022

    "Anuj Gets Into Argument with Goons, Anupamaa Senses Something Wrong is Going to Happen " Anupamaa Upcoming 21st November 2022.

    Episode Starts with Nimrit Tells How His Mother wants them to come to Village and Do the Marriage properly.

    Anuj senses How Anupamaa is Feeling Sad Listing All this again He Handles the Situation and Dimple Jokes About How Their Bus DItched them.

    Anuj Stops at One Dhaba for Much Needed Break. Anupamaa Notices Same Jeep and Same Boys came and Started Dancing Loudly.

    Anupamaa 21st November Today's Episode Written Update

    Anuj Tells Anupamaa that he is coming But Anupamaa Stops Him By Saying Don't need to Argue with them. They Notice  Anupamaa And Anuj and Started Making fun of them.

    Nimrit asks Anuj if is Everything Okay. Anupamaa Looks at One Boy In Anger and Those Boy Leave for Other Side. Dimple Starts Ordering So Many things for Herself and Anupamaa Remembers Pakhi and She Tells Dimple about Same.

    The Boy Looks at Anupamaa and Dimple with Wrong Intentions. Here Anupamaa Enjoys the Food and praises Food, Dimples Tells That Dhaba has Welcoming Vibe Same Like Anupamaa, and Anuj Tells One Shayri for Anupamaa and Everyone Clapped for Anuj.

    Dimple Also Shares How She wants to be Like Anupamaa and How Now She is Missing Her Family.Anuj Jokes How He Learnt All these 26 Years Ago.

    There One Boy takes Dimple's Pic In his Photo, Anupamaa Takes Anuj's Phone to Call and She Accidently Opens the Camera and Sees All Boys Behind Them.Dimple Also Sees Those Boys are planning something.

    Here At Shah House Samar and toshu are talking and how toshu tells that he is accepting the job Kinjal has offered her.Also He is Like His Father and All. They See Pakhi Taking the Food Order and looks at Them in Anger and Leave from there.

    They talk how Anupamaa will Feel After Knowing That Pakhi Shifted here.

    There at Dhaba, Those Boys Started Playing Song Loudly and Anuj Tells Anupamaa to Call At Shah House and talk as a Single Problem will come later.

    Anupamaa Video Calls Samar and Toshu and They Notice those Boys and Ask About Them Anupamaa Tells Them and Samar Notices the Couple Behind, Someone asks About Pakhi They Listen Pakhi has come here. Toshu Doges the Question But Anupamaa Asks About Pakhi and Samar tells Her that She Shifted to Nandini's House Anupamaa shows her Anger that She doesn't have a Mind at All and Make Sure She Doesn't do anything more.

    Anuj Handles her and Anupamaa Tells him What She Can do from here.

    One of those Boys Starts Arguing with Anuj and Tells Him that He is not Staring Anupamaa at all. Anuj gets Up in Anger but Anupamaa Stops him. Anuj Tells Anupamaa that He will Teach him Lesson.

    Dimple tells That She is Going to use the washroom Anupamaa Tells Her that She will go with her and One Boy Looks at them Going toward the Washroom.

    There Dimple asks About Pakhi and Tells Anupamaa that God will Help You How She came to Know About Family's Importance Pakhi will also learn.

    Anuj There Notices all the Boys are Not there and He Gets Alarmed He Sees them Going towards their Car and he Gets Relax. He Starts Talking to Nimrit But His Eyes are On them.

    Here At Pakhi's House, Adhik is About to fall But Samar and Toshu Reach there To Help Him and Pakhi Makes a Fuss about them coming and Taunting her.

    They Help Adhik and Pakhi Thinks That She is Princess Why She has to do any work, She Thought to Enjoy Life at Kapadia Mension But Anupamaa Ruined her Dream She will not do any work as her Papa is with her.

    Samar is working on the electric board and She remember About Nandini.

    There Dimple and Anupamaa came out of the Washroom and Talked about love and Her Marriage.

    Anupamaa shares how Anuj Loves her and She Loves him so Much and Dimple Also Tells the Same About Her Husband.

    They Saw the Same Boy Sitting on a Chair Watching Dimple with the Wrong Intension Anupamaa Looks at him In Anger.

    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd November 2022 :

     Boy Clicks Dimples Pic and She Gets Into Argument. Anuj Saves Dimples But Later Both Anupamaa-Anuj is Attacked by them and Lieing on the Road.

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