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  • Sunday 30 October 2022

    "Vanraj Throws Pakhi and Adhik Out, Anupamaa Supports Vanraj, Sunday Mahaepisode " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th October 2022

    "Vanraj Throws Pakhi and Adhik Out, Anupamaa Supports Vanraj, Sunday Mahaepisode " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th October 2022

    "Vanraj Throws Pakhi and Adhik Out, Anupamaa Supports Vanraj, Sunday Mahaepisode " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anuj tells Adhik that he has failed them. He tells him that he had promised to talk to Vanraj about his relationship with Pakhi.


    When Adhik tries to explain, Anuj screams at him asking him to shut up. Kavya lashes out at Pakhi for being selfish and arrogant as neither she thought of her family for once nor about her career and life. Samar tells Pakhi that she has lost her senses. Ankush tells that both Adhik and Pakhi are out of their senses. He agrees with Anupama as today’s generation wants everything in instant. Leela asks the couple if there was no other date for them to marry.

    Anupamaa 30th October Today's Episode Written Update


     Kavya asks them about their next step and what they would do if their families didn’t accept their marriage. Pakhi tells them that Adhik and she have got married following all the rituals and have proven to. Kavya asks her where they would go if the families don’t let them stay in the house. Pakhi panics. Adhik apologizes to Anuj for not waiting for their decision. He tells the family that they were scared of losing each other and so got married for security.



    Hasmukh tells him that bodyguards are kept for security instead of getting married. Adhik requests Anuj to understand his situation. He tells him that Pakhi was restless and that to calm her, he had to get married. Pakhi gets emotional and asks Anuj to understand their love. Adhik asks him what he would have done if he was in his place. Anuj hears them being quiet. 

    Pakhi walks towards Vanraj and sits in front of him. She apologizes to him for her mistake. She asks him why he cannot forgive her as he did to Paritosh and Kinjal or like Hasmukh had forgiven him.


     Leela shouts at Pakhi for committing mistakes giving Vanraj’s example. Pakhi breaks down into tears and requests Vanraj to talk to her. Vanraj stays numb. Pakhi tells him that she loves Adhik and her family too. She begs him to bless Adhik and her. She requests him to accept their marriage. Adhik hopes Vanraj to accept their marriage so that things get normal between the families.


    Vanraj gets up and goes upstairs. Pakhi breaks down. Ankush rebukes Adhik for not waiting for a day. Anupama tells the newlywed that their wrong decision can lead to terrible consequences. Vanraj enters Pakhi’s room. Hasmukh asks Kavya to check on Vanraj. Kavya fears going in front of him. Anuj gets a headache. Anupama gives him medicine and Leela too. Anuj asks Anupama to talk to Vanraj. Anupama takes Kavya with her. They find Vanraj in Pakhi’s room packing her stuff. He shows them the branded clothes and bags he bought for Pakhi as she wanted them badly.



     He regrets as his adorable daughters got married without informing him. He takes Pakhi’s luggage and goes downstairs. Anupama and Kavya follow him. Leela worries if Vanraj is fine. Hasmukh tells her that the father who got hurt cannot be fine. Anuj wonders how Vanraj will react. The family finds Vanraj walking towards Pakhi with her luggage. He walks towards the main entrance and throws the luggage outside the house. The family is shocked by Vanraj’s uncontrollable anger. Leela asks Vanraj to stop creating a scene.


     He tells her that he has become a mockery of his daughter. He feels that not every daughter is God-gifted especially not his daughter who broke his trust. He gets inside the house. 

    Adhik goes out at the entrance. Vanraj recalls the good moments spent with her daughter. He tells Pakhi that he cannot curse her for being a father but cannot bless her too. He tells her that daughters don’t stay in their father’s place after marriage.

     He asks her to get out of the house as her luggage and husband are outside the house.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 31st October 2022:

     Pakhi and Adhik get out of the house. Pakhi asks Adhik if they have taken the wrong decision by getting married. Anuj asks Vanraj and Anupama to take the decision. Vanraj decides not to change his decision if Pakhi and Adhik don’t change theirs.

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