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  • Saturday, 1 October 2022

    "Kinjal's Decision to Take Paritosh Court for Divorce , Leela Blames Anupamaa "Anupamaa Upcoming 1st October 2022


    "Kinjal's Decision to Take Paritosh Court for Divorce , Leela Blames Anupamaa "Anupamaa Upcoming 1st October 2022.

    "Kinjal's Decision to Take Paritosh Court for Divorce , Leela Blames Anupamaa "Anupamaa Upcoming 1st October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kinjal stops Paritosh from touching her. When Paritosh tries to calm her down, she screams and the Shahs come running towards their room.



     Rakhi gets frustrated and blames the family for ruining Kinjal’s life. Vanraj asks Kinjal if Paritosh has done something wrong. Leela asks her why she looks so angry. Paritosh tells them that he didn’t do anything. Anupama and Anuj help Anu to learn the poems.


    Anupamaa 1st October Today's Episode Written Update

     They spent quality time together. Anuj tells Anupama that a child is a world for the parents too. He wants to live for themselves in peace and happiness. Meanwhile, Kinjal calls Anupama when Anuj asks her to pick up the call. Kinjal sits in the swing when Vanraj asks her if she’s alright. She tells him that she cannot be happy staying with Paritosh under the same roof.



    Rakhi blames Paritosh and both of them start arguing. Vanraj asks them to be quiet. Kinjal blames the Shahs for not letting her live in peace at Anupama’s place. She tells them that they have blackmailed her emotionally to come back to the house. She clarifies to them that she needs time to absorb what has happened to her. She asks Paritosh why she cannot let her stay alone. Anupama arrives and tells them that she has asked everyone not to pressurize Kinjal. Kinjal runs towards her and hugs her.



    Rakhi gets disappointed as Kinjal never comes to her but feels relieved as Anupama calms her daughter. Leela and Vanraj tell Anupama that they didn’t force Kinjal for anything. Paritosh tells them that he was trying to pacify Kinjal which is his right. Anupama asks him to be responsible instead of asking for his right.

     When Paritosh rebukes her for ruining his marriage, Kinjal asks him to stop his nonsense. She tells him that she came back to the Shah house for lessening Anupama’s burden and not to give him a second chance. Leela asks her to stay comfortably in the house.



     Kinjal tells her that Paritosh has dared to touch her. Vanraj asks her to calm down and tell them what she wants. Anupama too asks her the same. Kinjal tells her that she has called her to inform her about her decision. She turns towards the Shahs and tells them that it’s her own decision and nobody has influenced her. She asks them not to blame Anupama for her decision.


    To everyone’s surprise, she announces that she wants a divorce from Paritosh. Hasmukh loses his balance and sits on the couch. Leela strikes her head in the pillar and blames Anupama for poisoning Kinjal’s mind. She calls Anupama a witch. Kinjal asks her to shut up. She blames Vanraj and Paritosh for ruining the family’s happiness. She warns Leela and others not to behave rudely to Anupama. Rakhi tells her that she has taken the right decision. Leela asks her to stop supporting Kinjal.



    Kinjal tells her that Anupama has been quiet for twenty-five years and became a bad person when she stood up for herself. She tells Leela that she’s going to file for a divorce soon and will stay in the house till her divorce. Paritosh begs in front of her not to divorce him and snatch Arya’s family from her. Kinjal tells him that she’s tired of his apologies. She calls him a failure in being a good son, brother, husband, and father.



    She tells him that he doesn’t have a good job and never tried for it too. She asks him why she should stay with him as she has come to him for love, respect, and care leaving behind all luxuries and comfort. Rakhi is glad that Kinjal has realized her mistake of marrying Paritosh. Paritosh asks Kinjal not to cross the limit. Kinjal tells him that she’s not great like Anupama and so will file a case against him on the grounds of adultery and cheating and prove it in court. Leela asks her how she can harass her husband. Kinjal tells her that husbands like Paritosh should be punished.


    Vanraj asks her not to live with Paritosh and not a file a case against him. While Leela and Kavya try to pacify Kinjal, Hasmukh asks them to shut up as Kinjal has the right to punish Paritosh for his betrayal. He stands by Kinjal. Paritosh claps at his family for ruining his life. He blames Anupama for ruining his marriage and Kinjal for snatching him to the court. Anupama asks him to have shame. Kinjal asks him to wait and watch what she can do. Leela criticizes her for being like Rakhi. Kinjal tells Anupama that she can fight if she stays by her side. Anupama tells her that she’s there for her always. Rakhi gets emotional seeing Kinjal’s situation. Kinjal touches Anupama’s feet and takes her blessings. Anupama hugs her.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd October 2022 :

     Paritosh threatens Anupama to take away her daughter, Anu like she distanced him from his daughter. Anupama warns him to stay within his limits.

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