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  • Saturday, 22 October 2022

    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Romantic Plan for Diwali, Kavya's Romantic Advice to Anuj-Anupamaa " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd October 2022


    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Romantic Plan for Diwali, Kavya's Romantic Advice to Anuj-Anupamaa " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd October 2022

     "Anupamaa-Anuj's Romantic Plan for Diwali, Kavya's Romantic Advice to Anuj-Anupamaa " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupama asks Vanraj to consider what Anuj is saying. Anuj apologizes to everyone as he doesn’t want to instigate Pakhi to get married.


    Vanraj tells him that he’s not Pakhi’s father and cannot decide anything for him. Hasmukh tells him that everyone has the right to think for Pakhi’s good. Anuj thanked him for understanding his point. He tells Vanraj that he can understand Pakhi and Adhik’s situation as he fell in love at the same age Pakhi did. 

    Anupamaa 22nd October Today's Episode Written Update

    He requests everyone that they should handle the situation with calmness so that Pakhi and Adhik don’t do anything wrong. He tells that Adhik has confessed his love for Pakhi.



    He tells them that they cannot go against their love so that they don’t become rebellious. Kavya feels Anuj is right and so does Hasmukh. Anuj asks Anupama and Vanraj to become Pakhi’s friends instead of being her parents. Pakhi tells Adhik over a video call that they will take their own decision if nobody understands them. Adhik agrees with her too. Later, Anupama talks to Vanraj alone. She suggests to him that they should ask Pakhi to give them some time. She asks him to talk to Pakhi with calmness.



     Anuj asks Hasmukh if he has said something wrong. Hasmukh consoles him that what he said was right. Anupama comes and asks everyone to celebrate the upcoming festivals as Vanraj’s going to talk to Pakhi. Leela taunts her for Pakhi’s celebration in the hotel room. Hasmukh asks her to stop murmuring the same thing again and again. He takes her to the room. Kavya suggests Anuj and Anupama live their lives and celebrate Diwali without worrying about family issues.



    They thank Kavya for reminding them to celebrate the festivals with woes and worries. While Kavya gets busy with arranging the living room, Anuj tells Anupama that he has something to tell her in the car. Vanraj stands in front of Pakhi’s room and knocks on the door with hesitation. Pakhi closes her diary where she was writing about her wish to stay with Adhik forever.


    While Anupama drives the car, Anuj tells her about Adhik’s confrontation of how Barkha, Ankush and he tried to use Pakhi for their selfish needs. He tells how Adhik confronted him with the truth. Anupama asks him if Adhik can be trusted. He tells her that he felt Adhik’s love for Pakhi to be genuine. 

    He tells that he can relate to Pakhi and Adhik’s situation. He asks her to decide whatever they want but think over it carefully. He decides to talk to something and expresses his love for her.



    Anupama tells him that she loves him too. Hearing the knock, Pakhi asks to leave her alone. Vanraj enters the room. He sits beside Pakhi and tells her that he needs time to think about her decision. Anuj and Anupama reach home when he tries to get romantic with her. She tells him that they need to prepare for Diwali and buy utensils for Dhanteras. Vanraj tells Pakhi that he loves her and doesn’t want to hurry up to take any decision. He asks her not to take any step which she may regret.



    He suggests her celebrate the festivals without the chaos and requests her not to meet with Adhik till Anupama and he meets with Adhik’s parents. Pakhi tells him that she’s ready to give him time but tells him that Adhik and she love each other and want to marry to stay together. He leaves the room feeling devastated. He finds Hasmukh outside the room and hugs him. He asks his father why it is difficult to be a parent or a father. Hasmukh agrees and tells him that it’s way more difficult to be a daughter’s father. He asks him not to worry as everything will be fine.



     Barkha gives an angry look to Ankush and Adhik. Adhik asks her not to come in Pakhi and his way. Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj enter the house. Adhik asks Anuj if Vanraj has agreed to their relationship. Anupama tells him that they aren’t decided yet and need some time to think about it. Anuj tells him that they should celebrate the festivals first.


     Ankush asks Adhik not to meet with Pakhi till the elders decide as Vanraj texted him. Adhik agrees and thanks them. Barkha wishes Adhik to get rid of Pakhi. The next morning, Anupama looks at the steel bowl and blushes looking at it as Anuj, Anu, and her written on it. Anuj enters the kitchen and hugs her first.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd October 2022:

     Anupama decides to start her college life again despite the demotivation from her family.

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