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  • Sunday, 23 October 2022

    "Anuj Accidently Calls Anupamaa illiterate, Than Covers up By Her College Admission " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd October 2022


    "Anuj Accidently Calls Anupamaa illiterate, Than Covers up By Her College Admission " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd October 2022

    "Anuj Accidently Calls Anupamaa illiterate, Than Covers up By Her College Admission " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. When Anuj gets romantic with Anupama, Anu enters the kitchen and wishes them for Dhanteras.


    They adore her and wish her the same. Leela takes out her jewelry and writes something in her diary. When Hasmukh asks her what the matter is, she tells him that she’s writing in her diary about which jewelry should be given to whom in her absence. He asks her why she’s saying evil things. Leela tells her family that it’s her time to leave the world.


    Anupamaa 23rd October Today's Episode Written Update


     Pakhi arrives and asks her to stop her nonsensical thoughts and get ready to prepare the snacks. Kavya decides to learn to make the snacks. While the Kapadias make snacks together, Anuj finds Anu to be eating them instead of making them. 

    Anupama proposes that they must give sweets to the office staff. Ankush and Adhik decide to help them in distributing the sweets. Barkha sits alone on the sofa and finds Ankush and Adhik to be fake to win Anuj and Anupama’s hearts. Anuj decides to give a silver coin to the staff but Anupama suggests him give cash instead.



    Ankush gets a text and tells Anuj about the Japanese project and asks him if he would give the file to Anupama. Anuj tells him that it’s an international project and there are tricky things that Anupama wouldn’t understand. Anupama gets quiet for a while and gets up to go to the kitchen. Anuj realizes that he has hurt her feelings by mistake. Barkha comes upto to him and tells him that Anupama might have gotten hurt. Leela, Kavya, and Pakhi make snacks together.


    Vanraj and Samar arrange the lighting of the house. Pakhi tries to cheer up Leela who’s disappointed. Anupama and Anu go out to shop for Diwali. Anu gets excited to see the lights and diyas and asks her mother to buy them. Anupama buys them for her. When Anu asks her to buy foreign lights, Anupama tells her that they should buy local products and celebrate the festival. Anu asks her if they will buy firecrackers.


    Anupama tells her that they will not buy firecrackers with extreme sounds. She tells her how animals are affected by the sound of firecrackers. She tells Anu the importance of Diwali and how so many animals supported Ram ji to win the fight. After shopping when they arrive home, Anupama finds Anuj in front of the garden.

     After Anu goes inside, Anuj holds Anupama’s saree pallu and apologizes to her for the slip of the tongue. Anupama tells her that she didn’t feel bad because he told him the truth but felt bad for not being able to help him in his business.



     She tells him that he doesn’t need her as he’s a business tycoon. She appreciates how Anuj always keeps her updated about his business and takes her to every meeting.

     She knows that she has failed as she’s not educated. She tells him about her regret for not being able to continue her higher education. Anuj tells her that she’s topped in life’s experiences and how to deal with every situation.



     Anupama tells him that she finds it a necessity to become educated. She asks him to come inside and see what she has bought from the market. The Shahs and the Kapadias celebrate Dhanteras in their respective houses. Anupama arranges for the puja and does every ritual from her heart. Leela does all the arrangements in the Shah house. When Vanraj calls Kavya in the backyard and gives her the Dhanteras gift. Kavya finds it very beautiful. Vanraj promises her that he will bring the gift of her choice in the next year.


    Kavya tells him that gone are days when she used to be obsessed with branded stuff but her priority has changed now and family matters to her the most. Vanraj thanks her for considering his family to be her own. Leela arrives and gives her a gift too. Kavya thanked her and hugs her. Samar comes and clicks a photo of them. 

    Anupama enters her room when Anuj gives her a box. She finds a document inside it and asks him about it. Anuj tells her that it’s her college admission form.


    Precap For  Anupamaa Upcoming 24th October 2022 :

    Anuj makes Anupama sit on his bike and drops her at the college. Anupama is all set to start her new journey.

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