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  • Monday, 26 September 2022

    Drunk Paritosh Threatens Kinjal, Anuj Pushes Him Away " Anupamaa Upcoming 26th September 2022


    Drunk Paritosh Threatens Kinjal, Anuj Pushes Him Away " Anupamaa Upcoming 26th September 2022.

    Drunk Paritosh Threatens Kinjal, Anuj Pushes Him Away " Anupamaa Upcoming 26th September 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Leela comes back home getting devastated as Kinjal didn’t come back home with her. 

    Anuj gets ready for the office when Barkha reminds him that it’s Sunday. He tells Barkha that there’s no holiday for a boss and asks Ankush to accompany him to the office as he wants a detailed report of the projects he started in his absence. Anupama feeds him curd and sugar. He asks her not to worry as G.K will reach the office soon. He leaves with Ankush. Anupama prays for Anu’s safety. Samar calls her to inform them that Paritosh has left his friend’s house and gone somewhere else they don’t about.

    Anupamaa 26th September Today's Episode Written Update

     He fears that Paritosh would harm himself so goes to find him with Vanraj. Kinjal hears their conversation and breaks down. Anupama asks her to trust her and handle Arya. Anuj checks the reports and is surprised to find that there’s no progress in any of the projects. Ankush tries to justify his side when Anuj asks him not to give him excuses as he didn’t focus on work getting busy with Barkha in planning and plotting things. 

    He asks Ankush to give the rest of the reports right away. Ankush prays so that there’s some kind of drama in the Shah house which makes Anuj leave the office. Hasmukh, Pakhi, and Kavya try to handle Leela when Anupama arrives and consoles her. Leela misbehaves with her. Anupama consoles her that Paritosh will come back and wouldn’t do anything wrong to himself. 

    She asks Leela to drink water and calm down. Leela throws the glass and criticizes her for not worrying about her son who’s missing. Anupama tells her that she cannot be helpless for a son like Paritosh who has abused her upbringing and betrayed his pregnant wife. Leela asks her not to make her speak. Kavya tells her that she’s never quiet. Vanraj and Samar come back to Shah's house and inform the family that they didn’t find Paritosh anywhere.


    While Kinjal worries about Paritosh, Barkha suggests her forgive Paritosh for his mistakes. She tells Kinjal that Paritosh is emotionally weak and may hurt himself. She suggests her save her marriage instead of listening to Anupama. She tries to influence Kinjal to leave the house and stay with the Shahs. 

    Anupama calls Anuj to inform him that she’s in the Shah house and Paritosh is missing. Anuj asks her how she’s so calm. Anupama tells him that she knows his son’s drama and decides to call him later. Vanraj panics in fear of losing Paritosh. Leela taunts Anupama for scrolling her phone. Anupama goes aside and wonders what Paritosh’s going to do as he wouldn’t commit suicide anyway. Anuj comes back home to be Kinjal’s support. 

    Barkha tells Ankush that she’s fed up with every day’s drama. Ankush tells her that he has to hide his mistakes with Adhik as he got scolded by the boss. Kinjal hugs Anuj and tells him that he wants to see Paritosh for once. Meanwhile, Paritosh arrives at the Kapadia mansion to everyone’s surprise. Arya cries when Paritosh makes a sound with a toy. She stops crying. Paritosh tells Kinjal that she didn’t reply to his messages and calls for once.

     When he goes to enter the house, Anuj stops him and asks him to wait outside till Kinjal calls him. Paritosh requests Kinjal to let him see his daughter for once. Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik leave the hall as they are sick of the drama. Anuj asks Paritosh if he’s drunk. Paritosh accepts that he’s drunk a bit. Kinjal loses her temper as he has come to meet his daughter getting drunk. 

    Paritosh asks her to come with him. Kinjal asks him to stop when he comes near her. Anuj warns him that he might hurt his daughter as he’s drunk. Kinjal tries to stop Paritosh from getting close to Arya. Paritosh sits in front of Arya’s cot and doesn’t listen to her. He picks up Paritosh and loses his balance.

     Kinjal saves Arya from falling to the floor and screams at him for his madness. Anuj asks Paritosh to stop his drama. Paritosh picks up a knife and threatens Kinjal to kill himself if she doesn’t come with him. Kinjal and Anuj ask him to keep the knife. While Paritosh threatens them, Anupama asks him to kill himself if he wants.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 27th September 2022 :

     Paritosh threatens Anupama to take away her daughter, Anu like she distanced him from his daughter. Anupama warns him to stay within his limits.

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