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  • Friday, 30 September 2022

    Anupamaa-Anuj Fan-Fiction MAAN Fan Made Story : Crazily Insanely Love with You Part 1


    PART 1


    Standing with Support of the Glass I looked out of the window with the white bedsheet covering my Bare body. The night was still young,Mumbai city Light was still bright and it was as if we were sleeping on top of the house. The Kapadiya Penthouse was quiet except for the snoring sound beside me.


    It was a waste not to see his beautiful s**y brown eyes. Those eyes have the ability to can kill someone and take their breath away.


    Anuj looked less intimidating and less serious when he’s sleeping.


    After hours of deep intense and lovemaking we did, I was happy and satisfied. My mind was still blown at the fact that I just slept with Anuj Kapadiya – the multi-billionaire who owns Kapadiya Industries and yes Myboss.


    It was wrong in every possible way. He’s a famous Bad Boy,the famous ladies’ man. He changes his girlfriend's one in just a blink of an eye. Like what the gossip section and his fan page stated – Anuj Kapadiya doesn’t settle down. His company maintained the top ten International business lists. His net worth was more than 20 years of my salary.


    Tonight was Kapadiya Industries' fifty anniversary and tonight, Anuj’s eyes were on me all night. Until he approached me, taking my breath away and all I could see in his eyes was pure lust and I am sure he seesthe same in me too.


    That’s how we ended in his bed. His touch sent electricity to my body. When his lips taste mine, everything went still and all I could think was how fast my heart was pumping


    He said ‘You are the first girl who came into my bedroom he said he doesn’t let any girls sleep in his bedroom. He said I am beautiful, amazing and he called out the fake name I gave to him – Anupriya


    He probably said this to every girl he slept with


    When Anuj approached me at Party, all I could think was danger. Half of me wants to run away from him and don’t want to bump into him at all. Half of me wants to grab him and make him mine for always. I bet half of the female of Mumbai wants it too.


    I’m no different from his other. I can not afford to let anyone break my heart again.


    This was why I came out of his bedroom, took my clothes, andleft him in deep slumber. He will never see me anymore. I know he’s capable of finding people. So I gave him my fake name Anupriya, knowing it’s just a mind-blowinglovemaking nothing else. Even though I’m working under him, creating softwareand code application but I’m just a normal person working so far from him hedoesn't even know I m working for him


    I won’t even have a chance to see him again.


    I won’t even have a chance to step into the Kapadiya Penthouse again.


    As I came out of the building, I felt I was going to burst anytime into tears. How can I walk away from this? I have never felt before such intense love feeling. Maybe it’s because that’s Anuj Kapadiya. Disappointment washed through me. My heart hoped at a 1% chance that he would wake up and search or chase after me.


    All I could think of was Anuj Kapadiya.


    to be continued......

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