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  • Thursday, 28 July 2022

    "Pakhi Insluts Anupamaa and Choti Anu, Calls her 'Adopted' Anupamaa Upcoming 28th July 2022


    "Pakhi Insluts Anupamaa and Choti Anu, Calls her 'Adopted' Anupamaa Upcoming 28th July 2022

    "Pakhi Insluts Anupamaa and Choti Anu, Calls her 'Adopted' Anupamaa Upcoming 28th July 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anu asks Anupama why they worship the sun and tulsi ji. Anupama tells her the importance of the sun and tulsi ji and the science behind worshipping them.



     She prays to Kahna ji to look after her every relationship. Anuj tells them that they are going to the Shah house to meet the family and spend time together. Pakhi apologizes to Adhik in a video call for the mess that happened due to Anupama and Vanraj. He asks her not to worry as he’s ready to bear everything for her sake.


    Anupamaa 28th July Today's Episode Written Update

    He tells her how much he misses her and wants her to stay in touch with him. Pakhi proposes to him expressing her love for him and so does he. They decide to meet after her college time the next day. Anu counts the flowers which Anupama’s going to send to the temple. She tells the family that she has decided to arrange for puja for both of her families. Anu decides to inform G.K about the puja. Barkha tells Anupama that every daughter should be present during the puja and worries for Pakhi.


     Anuj asks Barkha not to worry about Pakhi as Anupama is there for her. Ankush tells him that Barkha and Adhik aren’t doing anything. Anuj tells him that he hasn’t mentioned Adhik’s name for once. He warns Adhik not to repeat what he has done the previous day. Barkha asks him not to talk to Adhik rudely. Anuj asks her if Adhik is not his own.



     Ankush tells him that he can slap Adhik too. Anuj asks him to ask Adhik to join work. Vanraj gives money to Pakhi to go by cab to her college. Pakhi smiles and thanks him. Leela tells him that he’s doing mistakes by allowing Pakhi to go by herself to the college. Vanraj asks her not to worry as it’s a matter between Pakhi and him. Anuj combs Anupama’s hair.


    Anupama smiles and asks him why he talked about yesterday night with Adhik and Barkha. Anuj tells her that he’s realizing what Ankush, Adhik, and Barkha are trying to do and asks her not to befool herself in front of them. Anupama nods her head and asks him to celebrate the festive season alone with their families.

    Anuj tells her that he has decided to say everything to Ankush and Barkha. Ankush overhears him and worries about what Anuj’s going to tell them. Kinjal enjoys the kheer made by Leela when Rakhi arrives at the Shah house. Leela gets irritated seeing her and asks her why she’s there. Rakhi makes fun of her and so does Leela. Kinjal is excited to see her mother. Leela asks Rakhi why she’s there except for meeting Kinjal. Hasmukh asks Rakhi about her purpose in visiting the Shah house.

     Rakhi tells him that she has booked the best suite in the best hospital in Ahmedabad for Kinjal’s delivery which surprises everyone. Leela blames Rakhi for not being able to take care of Kinjal rather giving the responsibility to the staff. Rakhi tells her that if Anupama was present in the house then she could have been relaxed about Kinjal. 

    Kinjal asks her to stop overreacting as she’s not ill. She asks her not to create a scene and also asks Leela not to fight over small things. She gets restless when everyone apologizes to her. Vanraj tells Rakhi that Kinjal’s delivery will be staying with her in-laws after her delivery. Rakhi calls her staff to pack her clothes and stuff as she’s going to stay in the Shah house. Everyone is shocked by her decision. Rakhi asks them why they are confused as she can stay with her daughter during the last day of Kinjal’s pregnancy. 

    Anu arrives at the Shah house with balloons for the baby. Rakhi calls her cute and thinks her to be a child of a neighbor. Anu tells her that the house is her mother’s which surprises Rakhi. When she calls Anupama by her mother, Rakhi is shocked. Seeing Anupama, Pakhi bursts out her anger and asks her why she’s in her house. She asks her to leave the house with her lovely daughter. Vanraj asks her to behave herself as Anupama is her mother. 

    Kavya calls Pakhi to be the rudest girl she has ever seen. She reminds her how she used to ignore her mother to stay at her place. She calls Pakhi to be a chameleon for changing her colors often. Pakhi insults her for keeping an affair with her father and trying to be Anupama’s supporter. Anu requests her not to fight with Anupama. Pakhi talks rudely to Anu calling her a foster child. Anupama asks her to behave properly with a kid. Pakhi blames her for forgetting her for the sake of her new daughter. When Anupama gets emotional, Pakhi calls it a drama. 

    Precap: Pakhi calls Anupama to be egoistic after becoming a Kapadia. She calls Anuj to be her joru ka gulam. Anuj worries for Anupama. Anupama takes a stand for herself.

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