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  • Saturday, 11 June 2022

    " Anupamaa Scolds Anuj's Bhabhi for Insulting Bapuji and Her Family " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th June 2022


    " Anupamaa Scolds Anuj's Bhabhi for Insulting Bapuji and Her Family " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th June 2022

    " Anupamaa Scolds Anuj's Bhabhi for Insulting Bapuji and Her Family " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th June 2022.

    The episode begins in the car. Anuj and Anupama are on their way to their new house.


    Anupama is excited. They reach their destination and find the press waiting for them outside the house. Anupama gets nervous. Anuj opens the door for her and holds her hand. The press questions Anuj when Ankush and Barkha arrive there too. Vanraj drives the car. Hasmukh, Leela, and Kavya accompany her in the car while the children are in a taxi. 

    Anupamaa 11th June Today's Episode Written Update

    The press asks Anuj about his feelings about running his father’s business. Anuj tells them that he’s glad. As the media people ask him to show them the house, Barkha gets excited. Anuj asks her to wait till the Shahs arrive. But Barkha doesn’t care and enters the house. Barkha and Ankush open the Kapadia mansion where everyone enters. Anupama doesn’t like it. Anuj asks her if she’s okay. Anupama feels disturbed that there was no ritual before the housewarming and everyone entered wearing shoes.

     Barkha asks her to let it be as the media people should realize that Anuj is back in his business with Ankush and her. Anupama tells her that everyone would know about Anuj coming back to business even if they have kept their shoes outside the house as their home is no less than a temple for her.




    Anuj tells Barkha that the housewarming party was for the family but not for socialites. Barkha pretends to feel guilty. When Anupama asks him to relax, Barkha excitingly enters the house. Anupama takes out a photo of Ganpati from her bag.



     Anuj asks her to put it on the wall which she does wholeheartedly. Anupama decides to organize a puja for their housewarming later. Anuj holds her hand and enters the house. The Shahs reach Anuj and Anupama’s house. Pakhi gets astonished as they reach. She fears that they would embarrass Anupama as being middle class.


    When the Shahs enter, the organizer asks them to wait till he checks their name on the guest list. He doesn’t find Vanraj and Hasmukh’s names and doesn’t allow them to enter the house. Vanraj loses his temper and screams at the organizer. Pakhi decides to call Anupama. Vanraj asks Hasmukh to see Anupama’s behavior after marrying Anuj. Anupama gets restless seeing everyone with shoes. Anuj keeps looking at Anupama when Barkha asks him to listen to the business proposal. Barkha gets informed about the arrival of some guests who aren’t on the guest list. Anuj asks Anupama to come with him as he’s going to introduce her to everyone.



    He takes her with him and introduces to her the businessmen. The organizer tells Vanraj that there’s a part of the elite class. Vanraj tells him that they aren’t poor too. Barkha screams at the Shahs without knowing them. She doesn’t let Hasmukh speak a word and insults Leela and Hasmukh. Vanraj stands up for his parents.




    Barkha asks Hasmukh who the hell he is. Anupama tells her that Hasmukh is her father. She walks toward her family and stands up for her family. She tells Barkha that the Shahs are her family. Barkha apologizes to them. Anupama folds her hands to apologize. Anupama asks Barkha to see her family properly as they will visit there often. She gets emotional for the insult her parents had to tolerate. She holds her ears and promises not to repeat the same mistake.

     Pakhi, Samar, Kinjal, and Paritosh arrive there too. Pakhi hugs Anupama. She compliments Barkha. Anupama requests the Shahs to enter the house. Vanraj stands still and doesn’t walk forward.


    Precap: Anuj welcomes the Shahs. G.K hugs Hasmukh. Hasmukh gives the gifts to Barkha which she keeps under the table. Vanraj notices her behavior. Barkha cheers everyone to dance. Anupama switches off the music player and Barkha Asks for Party.


    Anupamaa tells her that it’s puja time Before the Party.Barkha and Her husband Get Shocked.

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