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  • Friday, 17 June 2022

    "Anuj's Warning to Barkha, Anupamaa Takes Over Kitchen, Pakhi Stands Against Vanraj " Anupamaa Upcoming 17th June 2022


    "Anuj's Warning to Barkha, Anupamaa Takes Over Kitchen, Pakhi Stands Against Vanraj " Anupamaa Upcoming 17th June 2022

    "Anuj's Warning to Barkha, Anupamaa Takes Over Kitchen, Pakhi Stands Against Vanraj " Anupamaa Upcoming 17th June 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anuj tells Anupama that he has the best wife and is crazy for her. Anupama hugs him.



    He asks her to relax. Kavya appreciates Anupama’s courage to make her own identity and even supports Anuj. She tells Vanraj that Anuj and Anupama are happy and asks him to forget what happened in the Kapadia house as that would only hurt Anupama. She tells him that Anupama has no mistakes in whatever happened. 

    Anupamaa 17th June Today's Episode Written Update

    Vanraj knows that Anuj and Anupama won’t hurt the Shahs but their family can. Kavya decides to bring milk and toast for him. Vanraj thanks her for being there. Anupama finds the boxes brought by Hasmukh. She opens it and finds her favorite sweets. She tastes it and cries while having it. Anuj knocks at Barkha’s room and enters when she asks it. Barkha takes care of her feet which got hurt due to wearing heels.

     She tells Anuj that being a boy he won’t know the pain of wearing heels. Without beating in the bush, he confronts her and tells them how he’s hurt when Anupama is sidelined and isn’t given priority. Barkha gets upset and pretends not to understand anything. Anuj asks her to understand it as she’s well educated. In the morning, Anupama does her morning ritual and is happily surprised to find a tulsi temple on the lawn of her house.



    She prays to the Sun for the well-being of both her families. Meanwhile, Barkha and Ankush arrive home from jogging. Barkha doesn’t like the tulsi temple and finds it mismatched with the decor of the house. Ankush asks her not to create scenes unnecessarily. Barkha praises the Tulsi mandir. Anupama tells her that Anuj and G.K have surprised her by establishing the tulsi temple.


    She tells how important the tulsi plant is. The Shahs sit for breakfast when Pakhi praises the interior of Anupama’s house and decides to stay at her house for half of the days in a week. Samar asks Pakhi why she wants to stay at Anupama’s house. Pakhi tells him that Anupama’s house belongs to her too. Leela asks her why she didn’t stay with Anupama when she was living in a small apartment. She forbids her not to go to the Kapadia house.


     She calls Pakhi to be greedy seeing the Kapadia house. Pakhi tells her that she can go to her mother’s house whenever she wants to. Vanraj asks her not to misbehave with Leela. 

    Pakhi asks him to tell Leela not to spoil her mood in the morning. Anupama enters the kitchen and looks around it. She calls it her kitchen. She decorates the kitchen with flower pots and keeps the idol of Annapurna ji.





    She does her kitchen rituals when Anuj enters. He decides to help Anupama in preparing the breakfast. She asks him to attend his meeting first and prepare breakfast on some other day when she will be busy at her work. Pakhi tells her family that they have issues with classy people. Kinjal asks her to relax. Pakhi tells her that it’s not her problem that her parents got divorced.


    She feels that Leela’s illogical sometimes. Samar calls Pakhi greedy after seeing the big house of the Kapadias as she never cared for Anupama earlier. When Pakhi talks rudely to him, Paritosh asks her to calm down. She keeps her plate aside. Vanraj asks her not to misbehave. Pakhi stands up from the chair and calls Vanraj to be typically middle class for shouting at the party. She calls Vanraj’s behavior to be embarrassing. Anupama isn’t able to open the cabinets of the kitchen. The staff comes and introduces himself as the househelp.


     Anupama greets him and asks him to help her with cooking. Vanraj gets upset with Pakhi for demeaning him because he’s middle class but Anupama isn’t. He tells her that the Shahs are her family and should be proud of it. Pakhi demeans Vanraj for not having a job and criticizes the house for not having AC in each room. She tells them that she’s embarrassed to stay with her middle-class family. Anupama learns the automatic techniques of the cabinet.


    She arranges the kitchen according to her wish with the help of the staff. Pakhi tells the family that she doesn’t care what they think about her as she’s going to visit Anupama’s house. She leaves her breakfast. Samar too leaves when Paritosh follows him. Vanraj gets hurt by Pakhi’s harsh words.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 18th June 2022 :

     Barkha criticizes Anupama’s way of arranging the kitchen and using plastic containers. Anupama tells her that the kitchen looks like her own now.

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