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  • Monday, 9 May 2022

    "Vanraj takes Anuj for Serious Talk, Anupamaa Gets Worried " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th May 2022


    "Vanraj takes Anuj for Serious Talk, Anupamaa Gets Worried " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th May 2022

    "Vanraj takes Anuj for Serious Talk, Anupamaa Gets Worried " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th May 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Mika tells Anupama that he’s going to sing her favorite songs.


    Devika tells her that she has informed Anuj about her favorite song of Mika. Mika starts with his rocking song. The Shahs dance and enjoy to their fullest. Vanraj stands away from everyone angrily. Mika sings his hit songs. Everyone except Vanraj groove with his songs. Anuj and Anupama dance together. Hasmukh and G.K clap and enjoy too. Anuj thanks Mika for the entertainment. Mika gives his best wishes to Anuj and Anupama and decides to find his better half.

    Anupamaa 9th May Today's Episode Written Update


    Samar suggests him describe his better half with his song. Mika sings again. Anupama’s children wish Mika good luck in finding his better half. Leela also blesses him. Looking at Vanraj, Mika asks Anuj about him. As Rakhi goes to tell him that Vanraj is Anupama’s ex-husband, Hasmukh intervenes and tells him that Vanraj is his son. Mika shakes their hand with Vanraj and calls him handsome.


     After he leaves, Kavya tells Vanraj that Anuj had brought Mika to make Anupama feel special and regrets as he didn’t sing for her for so many days. The mehendi ceremony begins thereafter. Anupama’s mehendi is completed. Hasmukh praises Anupama for including both her family’s names in the mehendi. Anupama tells him that she’s incomplete with her family and love.




     Devika asks Anuj to show his mehendi as she’s sure that he has written Anupama’s name all over his palm.



     When Anuj shows his hand, everyone finds their names in his mehendi. Pakhi is surprised to find their names in Anuj’s hand. Anuj tells everyone that he also needs a family. Dolly appreciates Anuj and Anupama’s broad mindset. Malvika, Devika, Dolly, and Anupama’s children show everyone that they have written Anuj and Anupama’s names in their hands.


    After the mehendi ceremony gets over, Anuj beats the drum when everyone surrounds him and dances. Later, when Samar beats the drum, Anupama dances with Anuj and others join them too. Vanraj feels irritated seeing Anuj and Anupama happy. He walks toward Anuj and asks him to come along with him as he needs to talk to him. Anuj tells him that their sangeet ceremony is on. 

    Vanraj tells him that he doesn’t want to say anything in front of the family. Anuj agrees to go with him so that the ceremony doesn’t get spoiled. Both of them leave the house and get inside the car. Anupama notices them and comes outside the house wondering about Vanraj’s intentions for taking Anuj. Vanraj drives the car roughly.





    Anuj requests him to drive smoothly. Anupama panics and informs the Shahs that Vanraj has taken Anuj with him. Kavya calls Vanraj while Samar tries calling Anuj but isn’t able to reach them. Anupama swears on her children to cross her limits if Vanraj does anything wrong this time. She remembers Vanraj wanting to talk to Anuj. Vanraj takes Anuj to open space.


    Anuj asks him to tell them what he wants to. As Anupama worries, Paritosh offers her a glass of water. Rakhi mocks Anupama as she panics. Devika and Malvika lose their mind on Rakhi. Malvika asks Rakhi to shut up. Samar wonders what Vanraj’s problem is. Paritosh too doesn’t understand why Vanraj couldn’t talk to Anuj in the house itself. Rakhi tells them that Vanraj wants to ruin Anuj and Anupama’s wedding and wonders if Vanraj and Anuj have got into a fight.


    Anupama gets tensed and stands in front of the main door. Anuj asks Vanraj to get done with whatever he wants to stay. Vanraj tells him that his children belong to him only. Hasmukh asks Samar and Kavya to call Vanraj and Anuj again. Rakhi gets restless and finds Hasmukh’s reports. Vanraj tells Anuj that Pakhi, Samar, Paritosh, and Kinjal are his children.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 10th May 2022 :

     Anupama prays for Anuj’s well-being. Anuj warns Vanraj to stay away from Anupama as he is already her husband and will become his children’s father too.

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