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  • Saturday, 14 May 2022

    "Anuj's Special Haldi For Anupamaa, Gives her 'Annapurna' Title, Anupamaa Upcoming 14th May 2022


    "Anuj's Special Haldi For Anupamaa, Gives her 'Annapurna' Title, Anupamaa Upcoming 14th May 2022

    "Anuj's Special Haldi For Anupamaa, Gives her 'Annapurna' Title, Anupamaa Upcoming 14th May 2022.

    The episode begins in the venue of Haldi. Anupama is surprised when everyone asks her to put haldi on Anuj first.


    Anuj tells her that she has the right to do so. Anupama’s children, Malvika, Devika, Kanta, and Hasmukh encourage her to put the haldi on Anuj. Samar puts on the music to create the vibe. Anuj and Anupama dance together. Others join them too. Anuj kneels in front of Anupama and makes her put on the haldi.

    Anupamaa 14th May Today's Episode Written Update


    She puts haldi on his hands and while putting in the legs, he stops her and asks her if he would do the same when putting haldi on her as there should be equality. The Shahs put haldi on Anuj one by one. Anuj takes the haldi bowl in front of Hasmukh so that he can put it on him. Then he goes to Kanta to complete the ritual. After his haldi rituals are done, he makes Anupama sit as it’s her turn.


     Devika and Malvika tease Anuj for finding chances to stay close to Anupama. Anuj tells them that they are correct. Leela asks Malvika to talk properly in front of elders. Malvika tells her that she looks still young. Leela gets impressed when others laugh out loud. Anuj recites a Shayari for Anupama describing their new journey and what she means to him.


    Anupama gets emotional and so do others. Anuj hints Samar to bring something. Samar, Pakhi, and Paritosh bring a thali of shagun. Hasmukh tells that women are the Laxmi of the house and in the presence of a mother, the kitchen gets never empty. Pakhi calls all the children to be an idiot for taking their mother’s cooking to be granted.


    Anupama recalls how Pakhi used to ignore her before. Anuj tells her that the kitchen makes a woman Annapurna. He shows the thali to her where there are spices and other ingredients for cooking. Anupama gets recalled how Vanraj humiliated her for the smell of spices in her hands.


    She folds her hand in front of Anuj to show her gratitude toward him. Anuj forbids her to do so and folds his hands instead and so do others. Anupama is moved to tears as she feels special. Anuj asks her to wipe her tears and tells her that yellow is the color of a new beginning. 

    He sits in front of her and puts haldi on her cheeks, hands, and feet. When Anupama forbids him to put haldi on her feet, he asks her to allow him. He takes the spices one by one and does the ritual of giving them to her and explaining their importance of them.



    He keeps the spices in Anupama’s pallu after doing the rituals. His warm gesture makes her feel overwhelmed and reminds her of the unhappy moment of her previous marriage. He asks her to get rid of all her bad memories. Anupama looks at Leela and Vanraj. Anuj calls her the queen just like black pepper in the kitchen.


     He tells everyone that mothers are mostly found in the kitchen for most of the time in the day but feels that it shouldn’t happen. He apologizes for appreciating the qualities of a housewife being a cook in the kitchen but feels that they should celebrate their efforts too. He tells that everyone should accept the fact that a woman may not feel cooking for a day or can take a break like a normal person.


    He feels it should be normalized that a mother may not feel like cooking in the kitchen every day. He thinks that there’s undue pressure on mothers and housewives which pushes them to be perfect by working in the kitchen. He tells that every office-going person gets a holiday in the week but a mother or a housewife doesn’t get that. He feels that a woman should be still Annapurna if she takes a break for one day.


    He promises Anupama that she will not be found in the kitchen every time a guest visits them. He promises to cook in the kitchen too. Anupama feels blessed looking at him.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 15th May 2022 :

     Anupama’s children complete the ritual of her haldi. The transgender women arrive and bless Anuj and Anupama. Anupama feels blessed to have a life partner like Anuj.

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