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  • Tuesday, 11 January 2022

    "Anupamaa Defines Pain, Anuj's Message For All Ladies " Anupamaa 11th January 2022 Full Episode Update

    "Anupamaa Defines Pain, Anuj's Message For All Ladies " Anupamaa 11th January 2022 Full Episode Update

    "Anupamaa Defines Pain, Anuj's Message For All Ladies " Anupamaa 11th January 2022 Full Episode Update.

    The episode begins in Anuj’s house. Anupama is in pain seeing Malvika’s condition. She sings a song for Malvika to help her sleep.



    Anuj is exhausted after all the mess. Vanraj feels his pain being a brother. While he leaves the room, Anuj feels relaxed seeing Anupama taking care of Malvika. He gets emotional and leaves the room too. Malvika falls asleep listening to Anupama’s singing. Anupama comes out to the living room after Malvika falls asleep.

    Anupamaa 11th January Today's Episode Written Update


    Vanraj tells Anupama and Anuj that they have to be prepared when Malvika wakes up as they aren’t aware of she’s going to react. He suggests Anupama take a rest for a while as the morning may be difficult than the night. Anupama screams in pain as she’s unable to imagine how someone can torture others so brutally. She cries as she wonders how Malvika’s husband could cause her so much pain. She feels pity for Malvika as she has faced so much pain in her life.


    She feels pain when a wife is beaten by her husband. She gets emotional for Malvika’s inner pain which has traumatized her. Anuj cries thinking about his sister’s pain. Anupama tells Anuj and Vanraj that Malvika needs everyone’s support whom she’s close too including doctors. Vanraj recalls the days when he had misbehaved with Anupama and caused her pain. Anupama tells that every woman gets hurt mentally whenever the husband screams or throws out his anger on her sometimes for no reason.





    She loses her temper as women aren’t punching boxes for men and wonders how long this will continue. Vanraj feels that men should change their ruthless behavior. Anuj tells that domestic violence, mental abuse, and physical abuse can be with any gender and each one should change themselves for the good of society.


    He feels that everyone should raise their voice against domestic violence and stand together to fight against it. Anupama goes to the kitchen to bring tea for Anuj and Vanraj. Suddenly she recalls that she had to join the party and everyone must have waited for her arrival. She takes her phone to the kitchen and video calls Pakhi and apologizes to her for not being able to attend the party. Pakhi asks her if she’s fine. Anupama asks her to call others in the family.


    Pakhi calls everyone to see Anupama on the video call. Anupama apologizes to them for not being able to come and feels guilty for it. She wishes everyone the new year. Leela tells her that everyone has missed her. Kavya asks her what the matter is. Pakhi tells Anupama that she was angry earlier as she didn’t join the party but can feel seeing her face that something major has taken place at Anuj’s house.




    Kavya asks Anupama about Vanraj and Malvika’s condition. She asks her to send Vanraj if everything is fine there. Hasmukh scolds Kavya to talk sensibly sometimes. Kinjal asks Anupama to handle everything at Anuj’s house. Paritosh asks his mother to take care of herself along with others. Samar asks Anupama to inform him if she needs anything.


    Leela and Hasmukh console Anupama and give her hope for a new morning. In the morning, Anupama does the morning ritual and prays for everyone near to her. Vanraj doesn’t find Kavya in the bedroom. He gets a text from Kavya where she wished him for the new year and informs him that she’s leaving the house in search of inner peace. Vanraj wants Kavya to leave the house forever as he will get peace then.


    Vanraj tells Hasmukh and Leela that Kavya has left the house irresponsibly. Hasmukh tells him that Kavya has informed them before leaving. He asks him not to worry as Kavya will inform them where she’s staying. Vanraj tells them that he doesn’t care at all where Kavya has gone. 

    Hasmukh wishes for Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship to get mended. Malvika wakes up in the morning suddenly and recalls the night. She calls herself stupid taking her depression pill in front of Anuj and Anupama.


    Anupama comes running to Malvika’s room to call her.


    Precap For Anupamaa 12th January 2022 Full Episode Update:

     Anupama and her family celebrate the new year along with Malvika. Anuj decides to accompany Vanraj to the office. Anupama is in fear when Anuj and Vanraj are together.

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