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  • Monday, 10 January 2022

    "Anupamaa Comforts Malvika, Vanraj Gets Shocked " Anupamaa 10th January 2022 Full Episode Update


    "Anupamaa Comforts Malvika, Vanraj Gets Shocked " Anupamaa 10th January 2022 Full Episode Update.

    "Anupamaa Comforts Malvika, Vanraj Gets Shocked " Anupamaa 10th January 2022 Full Episode Update.

    The episode begins in Anuj’s house. Anuj cries and tells Anupama that he should die but cannot as he cannot leave his sister.



    He blames himself for causing pain in Malvika’s life at such a young age. He tells how Malvika was broken completely after bearing the torture of her husband. Anupama feels Malvika’s pain and holds her tight. Anuj knows that Malvika has nothing left in her be it hope, courage, or the strength to fight. He feels the pain of his sister which is deep inside her heart.

    Anupamaa 10th January Today's Episode Written Update


    Vanraj keeps trying to reach Anupama, Anuj, and Malvika via call. Hasmukh panics as they are trying to contact them for an hour. Samar suggests that they should go to Anuj’s house to check. Anuj feels broken as Malvika tried her best to convince herself to join the new year party. Both Anuj and Malvika feel devastated and keep their heads on Anupama’s lap. Vanraj arrives at Anuj’s house and witnesses this situation.


    Paritosh gets a text from Vanraj and informs everyone that Malvika has some issue for which she will not be able to come. Kavya gets annoyed at Malvika for ruining their party. Samar asks her to calm down as a party doesn’t come before someone’s life issue. Leela feels that the issue must be big enough as Anupama wouldn’t have missed celebrating the new year with her family.



    Pakhi breaks down into tears for not being able to meet Anupama even on the festival day. Kinjal and Paritosh console Pakhi. Vanraj enters Anuj’s house. Anuj wakes up and wears his spectacles. Vanraj tells them that everyone was worried for them and so he had to come to check if they are fine. He asks Anupama to take care of Malvika and goes out with Anuj.


    Anupama breaks down and feels pity for Malvika for tolerating so much. She decides to help out Malvika to move on. Kavya instigates Pakhi telling her that Anupama cares about Malvika more than her. Leela asks Kavya to stop and shows her the reason why Vanraj is distancing himself from her.

     Kavya keeps blaming Anupama for giving more importance to Anuj and Malvika instead of her children. Hasmukh asks Kavya to stop.  The Shahs wish each other a happy new year.

    Samar asks everyone to write each other’s wishes and put them on Pakhi’s special wish box. After writing the wishes, Pakhi collects them and puts them in the box. 

    Kavya gets irritated for not being able to mend her relationship with Vanraj. Vanraj offers a glass of water to Anuj and apologizes to him for coming suddenly to his house as everyone in the family was worried. He tries consoling Anuj and tells him that everything will be fine.


     He tells Anuj that he’s always there if he is ever needed. Anupama asks Malvika where her husband has hurt her. Malvika shows her that she’s hurt everywhere in her body. Anupama adores Malvika and recalls the days how she dealt with Vanraj’s betrayal. She asks Malvika to listen to her carefully and advises her to scream out loud whatever she wanted to say to her ex-husband who had tortured her. Malvika follows her instructions and asks why she was beaten.


    She shivers in pain and screams out loud. She warns them not to touch her again or else she will break his hand. Anupama appreciates Malvika’s efforts to get rid of her pain. Anuj and Vanraj come running to Malvika’s room hearing Malvika’s screams. Anupama gives a pillow to Malvika and asks her to imagine it to be the person who used to beat her.


     She asks her to take revenge on the pillow. Vanraj asks Anuj not to worry as Anupama is doing the right thing by trying to take out all the anger from Malvika. Anupama asks Malvika to beat the pillow. Malvika holds the pillow and punches it repeatedly and beats it with a belt. She tears off the pillow and lies down on the bed. Anuj calls Malvika by her name but she doesn’t respond. Anupama takes her head on her lap and kisses it on her forehead.


    Precap For Anupamaa 11th January 2022 Full Episode Update :

     Anupama makes Malvika sleep singing a song for her. Later she vents out her anger towards all the men who torture women.

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