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  • Wednesday, 12 January 2022

    "Anuj Flirts with Anupamaa, MAan Romantic moments " Anupamaa 12th January 2022 Full Episode Update


    "Anuj Flirts with Anupamaa, MAan Romantic moments " Anupamaa 12th January 2022 Full Episode Update

    "Anuj Flirts with Anupamaa, MAan Romantic moments " Anupamaa 12th January 2022 Full Episode Update.

    The episode begins in Anuj’s house. Anupama brings Malvika to the park nearby their house. Malvika finds Anuj and the Shahs dancing and singing celebrating the new year.



    Malvika gets emotional as well as happy. Vanraj dances with her. Anupama takes the blessings of the elders. Malvika hugs Anupama as she feels special. Anupama apologizes to her children for not being able to celebrate the new year party. Later she thanks Vanraj when she shakes her leg with Anuj. After the dance gets over, Malvika apologizes to the Shahs for ruining their new year party.


    Anupamaa 12th January Today's Episode Written Update

     Hasmukh and Leela console her and thank her for giving them a chance to celebrate the new year early in the morning. Vanraj suggests Malvika forget her dark past and start a new beginning. Anupama agrees with him and advises the same to Anuj. Malvika listens to her advice and nods her head. Hasmukh asks Malvika to take the first step to move on in life. Later, Samar finds Pakhi talking over the phone in the Shah house.


     He asks Pakhi what’s going on as he doesn’t want any more problems in his family. As both of them argue, Leela asks them to shut up and warns them not to ruin the peace of the house. She asks Samar and Pakhi to go to the garden as everyone is waiting there. Later, the family along with Anupama, Anuj, Malvika, and G.K sit together in their nearby park and enjoy spending time with each other.



    Anuj tells everyone that the idea of coming to the park was of Anupama as she couldn’t celebrate the new year on the previous night with her family. Malvika raises a toast. She thanks Anupama for making her feel so light. She calls Anupama to be the best and feels that the year is going to be the best too. 

    Everyone claps. Malvika walks to Anupama and hugs her. Anupama prays for the happiness and wellness of her near and dear ones. She wishes that each one of them should prioritize their family, themselves, and their loved ones.

    Later, Anupama offers fruits to Anuj. Anuj teases her for making him gain weight after coming into his life and getting slimmer herself. Anupama tells him that a happy man gains weight whereas a happy woman gets slimmer. She blushes when Anuj asks her if she’s happy after his arrival in her life. Seeing Malvika, Anupama suggests Anuj take Malvika to a good doctor for her proper treatment as she can again get traumatized.


    Anuj agrees and feels that Malvika needs proper counseling. Anupama tells him how difficult it was to make her family members convinced when they had to take Pakhi for counseling. She doesn’t understand why people get embarrassed to go to a psychologist if they are disturbed mentally.




     Anuj feels that they have to take Malvika to a psychologist without making her guilty or awkward. Pakhi goes aside to talk to someone over call and decides to talk to Anupama so that she convinces Vanraj about it. Anuj appreciates Anupama for being the coolest person. Anupama smiles and compliments him for being the coolest person.


    Anuj slips his tongue saying to her that whatever he is, he belongs to her. Anupama feels awkward and so does Anuj. She puts the juice of the orange peel on Anuj’s eye and Anuj does the same with her. As they tease each other, Vanraj asks them to grow up and laughs at their childish behavior. Vanraj asks Anuj for the office code as he wants to start his new year with work. He tells Anuj that he has a meeting with Dheeraj Patel. Anuj decides to accompany him as Dheeraj is a tough nut to crack. Vanraj asks him not to protect him.


    Anuj tells him that he’s accompanying him to protect Malvika. After both of them leave, Anupama fears that something wrong is going to happen. Later, after the Shahs go back to their home, Leela and Hasmukh discuss Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship which is almost on the verge to end. Hasmukh tells her that Kavya is not a bad person and she isn’t the only wrong person.


    Pakhi takes Anupama to the rooftop and tells her that she wants to go to the US for her future studies as many of her friends are going there. She pleads with Anupama to talk to Vanraj and Hasmukh.


    Precap for Anupamaa 13th January 2022 Full Episode Update:

     Anupama and Anuj find a closeness between Vanraj and Malvika which makes them awkward. Later, Anuj and Vanraj get into a verbal fight.

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