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  • Thursday, 13 January 2022

    "Anuj Calls Anupamaa As Malvika's Bhabhi" Anupamaa 13th January 2022 Full Episode Update

    "Anuj Calls Anupamaa As Malvika's Bhabhi" Anupamaa 13th January 2022 Full Episode Update

    "Anuj Calls Anupamaa As Malvika's Bhabhi" Anupamaa 13th January 2022 Full Episode Update.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupama stays quiet when Pakhi requests her to talk to Vanraj for letting her go to the US for her future studies.


    Pakhi asks her if she’s thinking the same way as any other middle-class family. Anupama tells her that she’s wondering how she will be spending her time without seeing her daughter. Pakhi hugs her and apologizes to her for wanting to go abroad for future studies. She tells Anupama that going abroad for her stuff is very important for her.

    Anupamaa 13th January Today's Episode Written Update


    Meanwhile, Kavya video calls Hasmukh and Leela for taking their blessings as she’s going to meet someone for the job. Leela and Hasmukh wish all the best to her. Kavya tells them how much she loves them. She promises them to change herself for the good and try to be a perfect daughter-in-law. She requests them to talk to Vanraj once so that he gives her a chance to mend their relationship.


    Anupama tells Pakhi that most people go abroad after completing their college degrees. She asks Pakhi if she’s willing to go abroad just because her friends are going. Pakhi tells her that she’s not influenced by her friends. Anupama tells her that she’s trying to understand herself what’s the need for going abroad right now. Pakhi tells her that she has thought a lot about her decision. Anupama asks her if she has decided where she will be taking admission after shifting to the US.



     Pakhi tells her that it’s not about taking admission to any school or college but getting exposure and sharing stories like Kinjal, Nandini, and Malvika. Anupama reminds her that she’s just sixteen years. Pakhi tells her that she will be falling behind everyone if she doesn’t go abroad. Anupama asks her not to compare herself with anyone.


    Pakhi insists her talking to Vanraj and Hasmukh about it. Malvika asks Anupama if she will be going to the office with her. Anupama decides to go and prays to Kanha ji so that Vanraj and Anuj do not engage in an argument. Leela wonders and asks Hasmukh how they will convince Vanraj about giving Kavya a second chance. Hasmukh feels pity for Kavya. They decide to talk to Vanraj once.

     As Anupama and Malvika reach the office, she imagines Vanraj and Anuj quarreling with each other. She screams at them asking them to shut up. Malvika apologizes to Anupama for making a sound while chewing gums. Anupama realizes that she was in her imagination. Malvika takes her to the conference room and finds Vanraj and Anuj arguing with each other. When Anupama and Malvika ask the men what was going on, Vanraj tells them that Anuj doesn’t trust his talent.




     Anuj asks him not to misunderstand the situation. Vanraj tells him that he would have given the presentation if he trusted him. Anuj apologizes to Malvika and Vanraj for interfering in their business and decides to stay out of it. Vanraj decides to give his best in the business. Anupama decides to talk to Vanraj about Pakhi when his mood gets to lighten up.


    Later when Anuj makes coffee for himself, Anupama addresses him by Malvika’s brother and asks him if his mood is fine. Anuj replies to her by addressing her as Malvika’s sister-in-law. He tells a Shayari to Anupama and both of them keep looking at each other. Malvika teases them when Anupama and Anuj become conscious. Leela offers a glass of cold coffee to Pakhi who’s upset. She tells Pakhi that Anupama is right about her decision to go abroad.


    She tells her how they couldn’t send Vanraj abroad because they couldn’t afford it. She asks her not to be adamant and have patience. Malvika brings rasgulla for Vanraj. Vanraj gets excited as he likes rasgulla and assumes that Anupama must have told Malvika about it. He asks Malvika if she’s fine. Malvika gets awkward when Vanraj apologizes to her for arriving at an awkward time as Anupama and Anuj didn’t pick up any calls.



     Vanraj tells her that everyone goes through a down phase in their life and asks her to share her feelings if she feels like it. Malvika thanks him for understanding her. She feels that they will become best friends like Anuj and Anupama.


    She makes Vanraj sit on the chair and makes him eat sweets which Anuj and Anupama witness. Seeing Vanraj and Malvika’s bonding, Anuj and Anupama feel awkward. Anuj leaves while Anupama stays behind. Malvika goes to offer sweets to Anuj. Anupama stands in front of Vanraj.


    Precap For Anupamaa 14th January 2022 Full Episode Update:

     Vanraj tells Anupama that he has a professional relationship with Malvika. Anupama warns him not to repeat the same mistake.

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