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  • Thursday, 2 December 2021

    "Anuj-Anupamaa's Romantic Dance, Vanraj Advices Not to Marry to Girl Like Kavya " Anupamaa 2nd December 2021 Full Episode


    "Anuj-Anupamaa's Romantic Dance, Vanraj Advices Not to Marry to Girl Like Kavya " Anupamaa 2nd December 2021 Full Episode

    "Anuj-Anupamaa's Romantic Dance, Vanraj Advices Not to Marry to Girl Like Kavya " Anupamaa 2nd December 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. The mehendi ceremony continues with the gents starting the dance performance.



    The ladies join them again. Vanraj gets a phone call and asks the person over the call about a delivery package. After the call, Kavya asks Vanraj to dance together and tells him about their first wedding anniversary which is coming soon. Vanraj gives her a weird smile and joins his family. Anupama asks Kinjal to call Kavya to participate in the dance program.


    Anupamaa 2nd December Today's Episode Written Update

     Anuj gets lost thinking about Anupama in his imagination. He dances with Anupama in his dream. Soon he gets back to reality and enjoys the celebration. Soon, he gets a call and gets shocked to see the phone number. He shows it to G.K and decides not to spoil the evening as it’s a special day for Anupama. After the mehendi program, the family sits together. Anupama serves kheer to everyone. Leela feels shy as Hasmukh makes her eat due to the mehendi in her hands.


     Everyone laughs seeing Leela and Hasmukh’s bond. Jignesh makes funny comments. When Anupama stands in front of Vanraj and Anuj, she had only one bowl in her tray to serve them. Anuj denies having the kheer. Vanraj picks up the bowl and offers the kheer to Anuj and asks him to have it as Kinjal will bring another bowl for him.




    Kavya is shocked to see Vanraj’s polite behavior. Anuj tastes the kheer and appreciates it. Kinjal serves kheer to Vanraj. Vanraj asks Anuj about his office work. Anuj tells him that his work is going well as Anupama’s first project is his dream project. Vanraj tells him that he will visit the restaurant when it opens and asks him not to worry as he’ll not create any trouble as he did on the bhumipujan day.


     Kavya wonders how Vanraj changed himself so much and distanced himself from her. Samar decides to make cold coffee for his family when Leela orders Nandini to go to the kitchen as Samar is a boy. Anupama tells Leela that there shouldn’t be discrimination between girls and boys and asks Samar to bring the cold coffee. Samar agrees with Anupama and goes to the kitchen.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 2nd December 2021

    Nandini asks Leela and Hasmukh to give them some tips to continue their relationship like they stayed together for fifty years. G.K too wonders how the marriages of his generation continued for so long. Samar comes back and informs everyone that the mixer isn’t working and so no cold coffee can be made. Kavya tells him that they will have to buy a new mixer.


    Hasmukh points out that the recent generation tends to use and throw things or relationships without mending the weaknesses. Kinjal tells Hasmukh that earlier women weren’t independent and so couldn’t walk out of a toxic marriage. Anupama agrees and tells that husbands aren’t God but humans. Paritosh asks why their society glorify women so much and feels that marriages can lead to divorce if both the partners aren’t compatible enough.


    Samar asks him not to be so negative as they have seen different types of marriage in their family. Anuj adds a point and tells that there shouldn’t be awkwardness between the couples and the couples should make each other realize their love and care for each other. Kavya gives a cute expression after hearing Anuj.


    Paritosh tells Anuj that his suggestions aren’t practical enough and feels that one should decide marriage thinking over it properly. Vanraj tells that one should think of his second marriage very carefully as after it he doesn’t have that ability to walk away from it. Pakhi tells everyone that looking around her surroundings, she doesn’t want to get married ever. She tells how Anupama and Vanraj’s arranged marriage broke due to incompatibility and now Vanraj and Kavya fight each other even after their love marriage.



    She asks Kinjal about her relationship with Paritosh where they fight so much and how Paritosh left her to stay in the penthouse. Kavya interferes and tells Pakhi that Vanraj is happy with her. Pakhi doesn’t feel that Vanraj is happy.


    Kavya asks Hasmukh if he can ever forget Leela for her misbehavior. Hasmukh tells her that he’ll try his best to forget Leela as her regrets are genuine. Anupama agrees with him. G.K feels that marriage is a beautiful bond but Anuj didn’t agree to marry. Hasmukh tells that marriage is a long journey and asks everyone to open the door of their hearts.


    Precap For Anupamaa 3rd December 2021 Full Episode :

    Hasmukh enters the house as a bridegroom. Leela is surprised to see Hasmukh’s entry dance. Kavya misbehaves with Anupama as Vanraj clicks a group photo together keeping his hand on Anupama’s shoulder.

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