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  • Saturday, 20 November 2021

    "Leela Reveals That Kavya Provokes her, Anupamaa-Vanraj's Extreme Fight " Anupamaa 20th November 2021 Full Episode


    "Leela Reveals That Kavya Provokes her, Anupamaa-Vanraj's Extreme Fight " Anupamaa 20th November 2021 Full Episode

    "Leela Reveals That Kavya Provokes her, Anupamaa-Vanraj's Extreme Fight " Anupamaa 20th November 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode begins in Anupama’s house. Anuj wonders why Anupama hasn’t returned yet.


     G.K feels that Hasmukh is right from his place but Leela has also broken which Anupama is trying to handle. Anuj tells him that they have to stand with Anupama. While Kavya blames Anupama for ruining their family, Anupama tells her that she’s not ready to listen to an outsider. As Kavya accuses Anupama of taking away Hasmukh along with her, Anupama asks her why she didn’t stop him and couldn’t become his daughter.

     Anupamaa 20th November Today's Episode Written Update

     Vanraj too questions Kavya for not being able to become Hasmukh’s daughter. Kavya asks him to concentrate on Anupama who is trying to break their family. Vanraj blames Anupama for breaking their family after leaving the house. Anupama tells him how much Hasmukh is shattered. Kavya calls it to be Anupama’s game plan. Anuj comes to know from Samar that Vanraj has come to know about the truth.


    When Kavya blames Anupama for the fight between Hasmukh and Leela, Leela protests and tells that Anupama has no mistake in it. Leela puts herself responsible for Hasmukh leaving the house and not wanting to come back. Vanraj asks her to bring back Hasmukh at any cost. Anupama asks Vanraj to wait for a few days till Hasmukh calms down. Kavya asks Vanraj not to listen to Anupama as she has planned everything to instigate Leela to burst out in anger.




     Vanraj loses his mind and asks Kavya to shut up. He asks Kavya why she didn’t handle Leela and doubts if she has further instigated Leela. He tells everyone that he wants Hasmukh back to his house. Kinjal tells Samar and Pakhi that if Vanraj would have been present on the Diwali night then he would have controlled Leela.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 20th November 2021


    Vanraj asks Leela to stay away from the house till she brings back Hasmukh. As he tries to slam the door on Leela, Anupama holds the door to stop him from insulting his mother. She requests Vanraj not to forgive Leela’s mistake. Vanraj warns her to remove her hands. The children plead Vanraj not to hurt Anupama. Vanraj gets rid of the door seeing Hasmukh in the entrance.


    Hearing Anuj and G.K’s conversation, Hasmukh reaches the Shah house with Anuj. Vanraj gets emotional seeing Hasmukh and runs towards him. He hugs him tight and is glad that his father has come back. He holds Hasmukh’s hand to take him inside the house. Hasmukh tells him that he has come there not to go inside the house but to ask him not to fight and get angry. He advises Vanraj to keep everything carefully left in the house.



     He tells him that he has broken from inside and asks him not to break anything further but try to join the broken pieces of the house. Vanraj tells him that he’s right from his point of view but wants a second chance to mend their mistakes. He requests Hasmukh to come back to the Shah house and not punish them for Leela’s mistakes. He pleads with him to get inside the house.


     Hasmukh denies going inside the house as it’s not his own though the family belongs to him. He tells Vanraj that the house belongs to Leela where he cannot come. Leela breaks down into tears. Hasmukh tells Vanraj that he’s come there forcefully. As Vanraj pleads, he tells Vanraj that he will not be able to breathe in this house. Hasmukh apologises to Vanraj. He asks Vanraj not to hurt Leela. Leela apologizes to Hasmukh and requests him not to punish Vanraj for her mistake.


    She accepts her mistakes and blames herself for getting instigated by Kavya. Kavya decides to do something to save herself. She asks Leela not to blame her unnecessarily as she’s not a kid who gets manipulated easily. Anupama tells Vanraj to ask Kavya to shut up. As Kavya shouts at Anupama, Vanraj asks Kavya to shut up. He tells Kavya that Anupama isn’t a member of the house and so she should have handled Leela. Kavya blames Anuj and Anupama for everything. Vanraj asks her not to take their names.


     Anuj listens to everything silently from outside of the house. Vanraj calls Kavya to be a failure for not being able to handle the house. Kavya asks him not to shout at her. She blames Anupama and Hasmukh and Leela for not accepting her as the daughter-in-law of the house.


    Precap For Anupamaa 21st November 2021 Full Episode:

    Vanraj decides to leave the house with Kavya to bring back Hasmukh to home. Kavya tells him that being the daughter-in-law of the house is the biggest mistake of her life. Vanraj tells her that he did the biggest mistake by marrying her. Kavya decides not to leave the house and claims it be hers.

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