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  • Monday, 22 November 2021

    "Kavya Gets Shah House On her Name, Anupamaa To Fight For House " Anupamaa 22nd November 2021 Full Episode


    "Kavya Gets Shah House On her Name, Anupamaa To Fight For House " Anupamaa 22nd November 2021 Full Episode

    "Kavya Gets Shah House On her Name, Anupamaa To Fight For House " Anupamaa 22nd November 2021 Full Episode.


    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kavya accuses Vanraj’s parents of not accepting her as their daughter-in-law and also blames his children.




    Anupama asks Kavya to behave well. Kavya asks her to shut up. She misbehaves with everyone. She tells Vanraj that she has failed to win the hearts of the family. She blames Anupama for taking her place and not letting her live in peace. She screams and tells Vanraj that she’s irritated at Anupama and his family. Vanraj asks her not to forget that she was dying to become a part of this family.

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     Kavya tells him that she didn’t see the real side of the family earlier and calls his family to be toxic. She accuses Leela of her behavior and Hasmukh of leaving the house whenever there’s a fight in the family. She rebukes Dolly for always arguing with the family whenever she arrives. She tells Vanraj how much she hates the family and feels that it’s her biggest mistake to become a daughter-in-law of the house.


     Vanraj shouts at her and tells them that he did the biggest mistake by marrying her. Kavya is shocked by Vanraj’s words. Vanraj repeats the words and tells her that he’s telling this with all his senses. Hasmukh regrets coming to this house. Kavya blames Hasmukh for all the dramas. Vanraj shouts at her.



    Anupama requests Vanraj and Kavya not to create a scene outside the family. Vanraj tells Kavya that he’s not going to hurt her the way he did to Anupama. He asks Kavya to stay separately away from his family and Anuj and Anupama. He doesn’t want his family and children to suffer anymore and stay together by staying separately. Kavya asks him to end this issue.


     Vanraj asks her to accompany him somewhere else so that Hasmukh can leave there respectfully. He wants his parents to be happy and asks Kavya to start packing things. He holds Kavya’s hand but Kavya gets rid of his grip and asks him to go anywhere he wants as she denies leaving the house. She gets inside the house and comes back with a few documents. She gives the papers to Vanraj. Vanraj goes through the papers and gets shocked.

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    Anupama asks Vanraj what’s there in the papers. Vanraj remains dumb. Kavya announces to everyone that according to the papers, the house belongs to her. Everyone is dumbstruck after hearing this. Paritosh asks Kavya to shut up. Kavya asks him not to be surprised and tells him that Rakhi has helped her to own this house. She tells the family that Rakhi has given her the idea which has worked in her favor due to the situation of the house.




    She tells Vanraj that she’s the owner of the house. Vanraj calls her a cheater. Kavya calls the Shahs to be the fools. She gives credit to the family whom she calls to be emotional fools. She narrates the plan that had brought her to this house. She tells them that she has instigated Leela against Anupama to snatch her part of the house.


    She calls Anupama to be great for signing the papers without checking it properly as she has transferred her part of the house not to Leela but her. She tells Vanraj that he made it easy for her by making the papers signed by Dolly where her name was written too. She tells Vanraj that taking his sign was the easiest for her as she had made him sign it calling them to be insurance papers. She doesn’t apologize for her act but is glad that she did it for herself.


    She calls everyone to be a double standard. She tells Vanraj that she has sacrificed so much to marry him but is always compared to Anupama. She keeps blaming Anupama for not letting her take the place of the daughter-in-law of the house. She taunts Vanraj for caring about Anupama and his family. She asks everyone to stay with Anupama in her house or stay in the streets and beg. Anupama asks her to shut up. Kavya asks her not to dare to shout at her place.


     Anupama tells her that she didn’t do the right thing. Kavya tells her that everyone is wrong in the family. Anupama tells her that though they have fought in the family only Vanraj and she has cheated. She tells Kavya that if she would have asked for the property in a good manner, then everyone would have given the house happily.


    Precap For Anupamaa 23rd November 2021 Full Episode:

     Hasmukh suggests Anupama accept Anuj in her life. Kavya apologizes to Vanraj. Vanraj decides to become the person his family needs. Hasmukh asks Anupama to let Anuj come to her mind.

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