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  • Wednesday, 24 November 2021

    "Anupamaa Thinks About Anuj's Love and Will Give Chance to Anuj " Anupamaa 24th November 2021 Full Episode


    "Anupamaa Thinks About Anuj's Love and Will Give Chance to Anuj " Anupamaa 24th November 2021 Full Episode

    "Anupamaa Thinks About Anuj's Love and Will Give Chance to Anuj " Anupamaa 24th November 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode Starts with Bapuji's Tries to Make Anupamaa understands Anuj’s Love for Her.

    He explains to her that He has Seen his Love for her and Me He is Kishan and You are Radha and In their, Age Radha-Kishan was not able to Meet But In this age I want Radha-Kishan to meet.

    Radha-Kishan Yatra is Passing By Bapuji Takes Blessings and Applies Tilak on Anupamaa’s Forehead and Prays To Fill Happiness in Anupamaa’s Life and Tells Anupamaa To give Chance to Anuj.

    Anupamaa gets Shocked and Bapuji Leaves from there.

    Anupamaa 24th November Today's Episode Written Update

    Anuj comes and Takes Blessings In front of Anupamaa, She Just Looks at Him Lost in Bapuji’s word and “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste “ Playing in her head.

    Anuj confusingly Looking at her, Anupamaa is Lost from their 1st Meeting to Last How He Helped her and Confessed His Love, Anuj Asks her What Happened is Everything Alright? Are You Alright?

    Anupamaa doesn’t Reply, Anuj Tells her that He Knows Everything Is Messed up But See Brighter Side Your Whole Family is together, and Now Its time You think about your Self, I Know you want to Keep Bapuji and Kids Happy But Don’t Forget Yourself.

    He Continues that If She Is Sad He Also feels Sad, His whole Gets Sad, Anupamaa is Just Lost In His Words.

    He Asks Her IF She is Staying here or coming with him?

    Anupamaa Just Says Yes She is going with him and She Follows Him to Car Where He opens Door For her, She Just Sits Looking at her.

    He Drives her to House. He also tells her to Come to Office because You have to Attend the Meeting.

    He Leaves Waving Hands to Her and She replies Same.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 24th November 2021

    There Vanraj is Walking on Road and He Sees His Flashes Where is So Rich Coming out of Expensive Car and Bodygaurd Around Him, Media Taking his Interviews.

    Vanraj is now in front of his Other Version Who is Mocking Him and Challenges Him to Become Rich and Vanraj Promises himself that he will become Rich.

    At House Leela Falls On Bapuji’s feet and Apologies By Saying She Knows She is not worth for Sorry But How Will She live without getting Forgiveness.

    Bapuji tells Leela to sit on Bench Otherwise Her Knee will Hurt, Leela cries that he is Still concerd about her and What She did was unforgivable.

    Bapuji Taunts her That Kanha Ji Took Revenge and Now Your Daughter-in-law is Now Your Landlady and You are Just Person in this House.

    Leela Agrees with Bapuji and He gets Up and is About to Leave Leela Tries to Stop But Bapuji Doesn’t Stop and Leela gets Fainted By Shouting Anupamaa’s Name.

    Anupamaa Gets a Call from House that Leela fainted and Anupamaa runs to Shah House.

    She Meets with Vanraj outside and He Asks Why is She Running She Tells about Leela.

    Both comes inside and They See Doctor is Examine Leela. She Gets Concious and Tells Anupamaa to sit near her.

    She Tells ANupamaa That She Needs to Talk to her Family and Anupamaa tells Everyone is here Say What You want to Say.

    Leela tells Kavya to Go outside But She Opposes, Vanraj tells her to go out But Kavya tells That Anupamaa is Not Family and She Goes in Anger.

    There Anuj is Lost in Anupamaa’s Memory and he is Saying ‘Shayri’ As He Also Notices Changes in Anupamaa’s Behaviour Today.

    Leela Apologies to Anupamaa in front of Everyone with her Hands Folded.

    Anupamaa and Vanraj tell her to forget Everything But She Says How Can I, I have Made My husband and Family Cry.

    Anupamaa Tells Okay She will Forgive Her Just Do One Thing Leela Gets in Agree and Anupamaa tells her to Forget Everything till Date and Move On.

    Leela Says Yes But She Demands Anupamaa something Very Shocking Which Will You Know Tomorrow.

    PRECAP  For Anupamaa 25th November 2021 Full Episode :

     Kavya Insults Anupamaa and tells her not to come here, Vanraj tells Anupamaa that He will Take Revenge on Kavya.

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