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  • Friday, 26 November 2021

    "Anupamaa Makes Chocolate Cake for Anuj and Lost in His Childishness " Anupamaa 26th November 2021 Upcoming Story


    "Anupamaa Makes Chocolate Cake for Anuj and Lost in His Childishness " Anupamaa 26th November 2021 Upcoming Story

     "Anupamaa Makes Chocolate Cake for Anuj and Lost in His Childishness " Anupamaa 26th November 2021 Upcoming Story.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. The Shahs get ready for the bhai dooj festival. Pakhi calls Samar and Paritosh for the tika ritual.



    Leela is upset as Dolly won’t be arriving in the house to celebrate bhai dooj. Kavya decides to be a good daughter-in-law as promised to Vanraj. Anupama calls Leela to know about her health. When Leela asks her to come to Shah's house, Anupama informs her about the meeting in the office. Kavya asks Leela if she should call Dolly to invite her for the bhai dooj. Vanraj asks her not to do so.

    Anupamaa 26th November Today's Episode Written Update


     Pakhi starts dancing as she misses the vibe of the festival she gets every year. She puts tika on her brother’s forehead and also on Vanraj and Hasmukh. Kavya decides to make her family happy as that’s the only way to make her way to Vanraj’s heart. Anupama bakes a cake and recalls the day when she entered Anuj’s kitchen.


     Vanraj calls Leela on the terrace. He tells Leela that Kavya has done a big mistake and will keep repeating it. He tells her that she will also keep complaining about Kavya but he will not have time for all these small talks. He tells her that he doesn’t have a problem if Anupama visits her. He knows that if Kavya has any arguments with Hasmukh or his children, they will sort the matter on their level.



    He asks Leela not to behave with Kavya the way she did to Anupama as Kavya is different. Leela asks him if she shouldn’t say anything to Kavya. Vanraj asks her to do whatever she can but will not have him by her side. He tells Leela that he has wasted a lot of time and now it’s time to move forward in his life. He tells her that he had a good reputation and respect in his past and wants to regain it.


     He tells her that Anupama didn’t let the chaos of the house reach him and so he could focus on his career. He wants to prove himself again to his family and also to Anupama and Anuj. He requests Leela to keep him away from the family’s chaotic situation. Leela decides to try her best so that no one fights. Vanraj takes her blessings.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 26th November 2021


    Leela goes downstairs to make tea for Vanraj. Kavya hides behind the door of the terrace and wonders if Vanraj and Leela were planning something against her. Anuj waits for Anupama to arrive as he has asked her to come early. Anupama reaches the office and thinks about Anuj again. Leela tells Hasmukh about Vanraj’s wish to move forward in life keeping himself away from the fights of the house.





    Vanraj tells her that every parent wants to see his children walking in the path of success. He tells that Vanraj needs to be careful of himself as he’s arrogant and his arrogance may take him on the wrong path. He prays so that Vanraj can take big steps and not the wrong ones. Leela tells him that Vanraj is just thinking about himself at the moment.


    As Anupama enters Anuj’s cabin, Anuj wishes her and gets the smell of the chocolate she brought for him. Anupama gives him the box she brought for him. As she turns back, Anuj tells a Shayari to the chocolate box. He starts eating the chocolate with his fingers which makes Anupama laugh. Anupama takes the magnets kept on Anuj’s table and finds the same sign she did on her magnets in her college days. When Kinjal gets ready, Paritosh asks her what she has thought about shifting to the penthouse as he won’t get his job back if she doesn’t shift there.


    Kinjal gets irritated at him for his expectations. Paritosh tells her that Rakhi will not give him his job back if she doesn’t shift in the penthouse. Kinjal asks him to try different jobs as she isn’t going off a shift in Rakhi’s penthouse. She tells Paritosh that she cannot leave the house as it’s her responsibility. She tells him that she was broken apart and lost trust in him the day he insulted and misbehaved with Anupama for her friendship with Anuj.



     Kavya enters the room and advises Kinjal to sort out their problems. Kinjal ignores her and leaves the room. Kavya gets irritated as Kinjal didn’t notice her. Paritosh asks Kavya to help Vanraj in his cafe as he can handle his problem. Kavya asks him to help Vanraj instead of thinking about the penthouse.

     Anuj completely eats the chocolate. Anupama laughs seeing Anuj’s chocolaty face. Anuj wipes out the excess chocolate. G.K notices Anuj and Anupama’s bond. Later Anuj and Anupama sit for the work.


    Precap For Anupamaa 27th November 2021 Upcoming Story:

    Anupama gets a call from Pakhi where the latter asked her to attend the parents-teacher meeting. Anupama gets nervous when Anuj helps her. Devika asks Anupama to accept her feelings for Anuj.

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