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  • Wednesday, 13 October 2021

    Anupamaa Back to Work With Anuj and Will Fight With Rohan for Nandini " Anupamaa 13th October 2021 Full Episode


    Anupamaa Back to Work With Anuj and Will Fight With Rohan for Nandini " Anupamaa 13th October 2021 Full Episode

    Anupamaa Back to Work With Anuj and Will Fight With Rohan for Nandini " Anupamaa 13th October 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode begins when Anuj dreams in his sleep that Anupama is leaving the partnership for the sake of her family.



     He wakes up from his sleep and grows anxious. G.K checks to see Anuj and find him breathless. He offers him water. Anuj tells him that he’s afraid of losing Anupama who’s not his. G.K suggests him not be afraid of hope. Meanwhile, as Nandini switches off the light of the house, someone holds her mouth.

    Anupamaa 13th October Today's Episode Written Update 


    In the morning, when Pakhi comes downstairs getting ready for her school, she finds the hall decorated with balloons and her parents apologizing to her for hurting her and thanks to her for making them realize their mistakes. Pakhi asks her parents to make friendship. Anupama and Vanraj shake hands which makes the family happy. Pakhi hugs her parents. Vanraj and Anupama kiss Pakhi. Pakhi dances in joy and makes her parents dance too.


    Vanraj brings Kavya and makes her dance too. Anupama brings Leela and to dance. She becomes happy seeing her family’s happiness. Anuj drives to his office along with G.K. G.K asks him if he’s fine. Anuj tells him that he doesn’t want to discuss what happened the previous night. G.K feels that Kavya is being sent by Vanraj as a spy to look after Anupama. Anuj doesn’t agree with G.K as Vanraj is too egoistic to sent Kavya as a spy.



    G.K asks him to be careful. Anuj tells him that he will be careful so that no one can insult Anupama. G.K decides to start playing dandiya. Anuj requests him not to call Anupama in his dandiya. After having breakfast, Pakhi hurries up to catch her school bus. Vanraj asks Jignesh to go to the cafe as he’ll be joining soon after sending some emails.


     Kinjal and Hasmukh ask Anupama to go to her office as they have the cooking competition. Hasmukh tells Anupama that he will inform the women of the society about the competition so that those who are interested can participate. Leela asks Anupama not to instigate any more girls to find a person like Anuj in their life. Anupama gets hurt by Leela’s harsh words. While walking in the street, Anupama finds Nandini hurriedly walking away with her luggage.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 13th October 2021


    When Anupama questions her, Nandini runs and hides behind a pillar. But soon Anupama catches her and asks her what has happened and where she’s going. Nandini tells her that she’s going to Mumbai and from there she will be boarding her flight to the US. Anupama gets shocked and asks her the reason for going to the US. Nandini breaks down into tears and tells her that Rohan will kill Samar if she doesn’t go back to the US.




    She tells Anupama that Rohan has threatened her to kill Samar. She tells her that she has to go as she loves and cares about Samar’s life. Anupama tries to stop her but Nandini pleads with her to let her leave. Vanraj enters his room and finds Kavya working on her laptop. He tells Kavya that they should start afresh and gives her best wishes for the new job.


     Kavya smiles and thanks him. Vanraj leaves as he has some work to do. Nandini gets Samar’s call but doesn’t pick up his call. Anupama holds her hand and doesn’t let her go. She tells Nandini that Rohan cannot harm Samar as she’s there to protect her children. She tells her that Vanraj is there to fight for his children too. Nandini requests her not to tell everything to Vanraj and Leela. Anupama tries to calm her and tells her that the family will stand by her side.


    Nandini requests Anupama to reveal the truth to anyone in the family. Vanraj calls Vinod and apologizes to him for being rude. He thanks Pakhi for making her realize the truth as he’s feeling light.

     Anupama hugs Nandini and decides to tell everything to Vanraj for their children’s safety. She asks Nandini to be there with her and not go anywhere alone. She decides to face Rohan.


    Precap For Anupamaa 14th October 2021 Full Episode :

    Anupama and Anuj arrange for the cooking competition. The Shahs join the program too.

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