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  • Thursday, 14 October 2021

    " Anuj Tries to Lift Anupamaa's Mood, Vanraj Comes to Pickup Anupamaa from Office" Anupamaa 14th October 2021 Full Episode


    " Anuj Tries to Lift Anupamaa's Mood, Vanraj Comes to Pickup Anupamaa from Office" Anupamaa 14th October 2021 Full Episode

     " Anuj Tries to Lift Anupamaa's Mood, Vanraj Comes to Pickup Anupamaa from Office" Anupamaa 14th October 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode begins when Anupama brings Nandini to her office. She decides to talk to Vanraj about Rohan in the evening.



    Reaching the office, she goes to bring the files and finds Anuj and G.K wearing a funny crown. Anuj feels awkward. He asks G.K not to disturb Anupama. Anupama laughs at them. G.K suggests her rejoice in her childhood every day. Anupama asks him if she can proceed with her work for the cooking competition. G.K appreciates her efforts.

    Anupamaa 14th October Today's Episode Written Update 


     Anupama feels blessed to have a father figure like G.K. G.K asks Anuj and Anupama to work and leaves. Anupama laughs at Anuj’s crown. She then discusses the work. G.K peeps and gives a thumbs up to Anuj who gets lost in Anupama. Anuj recalls Pakhi’s post on social media and tries to control his feelings. He asks Anupama to accompany him in the cabin if she wants to discuss anything. Leela gets messages from the ladies of the society cursing the cooking competition.


    She gets angry seeing the messages. She feels worried about the family’s reputation once everyone gets to know that Anuj is Anupama’s college friend. In the evening after work, Nandini accompanies Anupama to home. Anuj asks Nandini if she’s fine. Devika wonders about the number of participants in the cooking competition. Anuj asks her not to worry as they have given their best.




    He decides to drop Anupama and Nandini first and then Devika. Anupama decides to go by auto. Anuj and Devika insist Anupama take a lift in his car. Nandini reminds Anupama that Samar’s flight must have landed. Anupama asks her not to worry as she has sent Sanjay along with him. Meanwhile, Pakhi comes with Vanraj to pick up Anupama and Nandini.


    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 14th October 2021

    Anuj asks Anupama to go with her family as they have come especially for her. Anupama takes leave and sits with Vanraj in the front seat. Vanraj apologizes to Anupama for coming to pick her up due to Pakhi’s insistence. Anuj sits inside his car and tells a Shayari to Devika about his one-sided love. Devika gets irritated by his Shayari.


     She reminds Anuj that Vanraj is married and Anupama is alone in her life. She tells Anuj that Vanraj and Kavya will not change but will trouble Anupama again. Anuj promises her to stand by Anupama and teach a lesson to Vanraj and Kavya if they trouble Anupama.

     Devika asks him what he’s thinking. Anuj tells her that he’s also cheating on Anupama as she considers him just as her friend. Devika tries to make him understand that one-sided love isn’t wrong.





    She tells Anuj that he has devoted his life to Anupama for the last twenty-six years without any expectation. When she recites his Shayari to him, Anuj gets lost in Anupama’s thoughts. Devika brings him to reality and asks him to express his love for Anupama. She tells Anuj that Anupama deserves to be beside him in the front seat. She asks him to be human to make her happy.


    Anupama reaches home and finds Leela standing at the entrance. Pakhi hurriedly runs inside the house with the ice cream. Leela tells Anupama that her right place is with the family and not with anyone else. Anupama asks her when she will be giving her a place in her heart. Leela goes inside the house without giving her a reply. Meanwhile, Samar reaches home. Anupama hugs him. Samar asks Nandini if Rohan has troubled her again.


    Nandini tells him that she has been with Anupama since then. Anupama feels that they need to tell Vanraj about Rohan. Vanraj arrives and asks them what has happened. Samar changes the topic in front of Vanraj. After Vanraj goes inside the house, Samar tells Anupama that he doesn’t want to share anything with Vanraj as he doesn’t understand anything. Anupama asks him to trust his father.


    Precap For Anupamaa 15th October 2021 Full Episode :

    Anupama and Anuj organize the cooking competition. The Shahs join the program.

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