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  • Monday, 18 October 2021

    "Anuj Saves Anupamaa From Rohan's Attack " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Spoiler


    "Anuj Saves Anupamaa From Rohan's Attack " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Spoiler

    "Anuj Saves Anupamaa From Rohan's Attck " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Spoiler.

    Segment Starts with Anupamaa and Family Along with Anuj and Gk are Celebrating Dashhera Together and They are Also Dancing On Garba.

    Everyone is Dressed Up for the occasion and Anuj is Very Happy to See Anupamaa In the Saree He Gifted.

    The scene Starts with Anuj is with Everyone and As usual, Vanraj is Keeping his Anger control because After Anupamaa Now Anuj is Getting close to his children.

    Anupamaa 18th October Today's Episode Written Update 

    Samar Already Asked Anuj’s Help in Rohan’s matter Which is So Hurtful to Vanraj and Now Pakhi Seems So Impressed Anuj.

    Scene Change to Rohan Who is Hiding Behind Pillar and He Keeps Eyes on Anupamaa Because He Knows That If He Wants to Hurt Samar He have to Hurt His Mother first.

    He Goes Behind Anupamaa Who is Going outside of the House, He About to Hit her on Head with Stick But Anupamaa Turns Around and He Hides Again.

    Anuj just comes on the Time and He Let Anupamaa Go from there Safely and Follows Rohan and When Rohan is About to Attack again He Holds the Stick in his hand and Pushes Rohan on the Wall.

    He Charges On Rohan and Snatched the Stick from his Hand and is About to Hit him Back But He stops Himself and Shouts At Rohan that he will complain to the Police.

    Rohan gets Scared and About to Run But Vanraj Reaches and Catch Him By collar.

    Again Anuj Saves Anupamaa and Samar and Vanraj Again Gets Insecure But This Time Anuj Leaves without Any Drama Unfold.

    What will Anupamaa’s Reaction On Anuj’s All Help will She Recognize his Feeling for Her?

    Stay Tuned into for Anupamaa’s Upcoming Story and Episode Spoiler.

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