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  • Friday, 3 September 2021

    "Sirat-Kartik's Suhaagraat "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September Written Update


    "Sirat-Kartik's Suhaagraat "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September Written Update

    "Sirat-Kartik's Suhaagraat "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September Written Update.

     The episode starts with Sirat. She warns Sheela not to enter her house or to interrupt her life after performing the ritual.



     Sheela replies to Sirat that this house and family belong to Naira only. She provokes Sirat and says to her that being married to Naira's husband can't give her Naira's place in this house. Sirat replies that she is happy with her place. But Sheela says to her that she is going to see the same hatred that Manish has for her in everyone's eyes.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 3rd September 2021

    She further says to Sirat that Kartik and his family still belong to Naira only and will always remain hers only. Sirat gets disturbed by Sheela's statement. She replies to Sheela that Naira has gone and will never return so everything is her now so everything belongs to her only including Kartik and his family. But Sheela continues to give fire and says that Naira's importance in Kartik's life isn't hidden from anyone so can clearly understand the difference.


     Sirat gets angry with Sheela and asks her to leave. But she doesn't. Sheela says to her that Naira was a princess but Sirat is the daughter of a fugitive mother. Sheela's words wrench Sirat's heart. She further says to Sirat that she can't handle her relationship and this family. Sirat is emotionally disturbed now. She asks Sheela to leave again. But she replies that Kartik can't imagine his life without Naira's love as Naira is the heartbeat for him and his family.




    Later Suwarna tells Sirat that according to the ritual she has to put all the plates one by one on the ground but without making any noise. Sirat does the same and in a very beautiful manner. But as she forwards further she thinks about Sheela's statement and her mind gets diverted from the ritual. All the plates fall and make a lot of noise. Sheela becomes happy.


     Suhasini gets worried. Sirat feels so bad. Kartik asks her not to worry about anything. Surekha taunts Sirat and compares her with Naira saying that Naira put all the plates very gratefully without making any noise but Sirat created a lot of disturbance. Suwarna and Suhasini ask Sirat not to feel bad because it's just a ritual and nothing more than that which can prove that she can't handle this family.


    Anupamaa 3rd September Today's Episode Written Update

     Kartik says that they should keep a ritual according to Sirat's boxing personality. Sheela says that she is going to leave now. Kartik replies that her money will reach her. Sheela secretly asks Sirat to remember her words. Sirat again seems disturbed. Later everyone takes Kartik and Sirat to their room. But Sheela's bitter words roam into Sirat's mind. Kirti and Gayatri take shagun from Kartik.



    Suwarna says that she has taken Akshara's belongings with her because Akshara is going to sleep with her only now. Kirti sends Kartik and Sirat inside the room and asks them not to come out again. Their room is beautifully decorated. Sirat feels somewhat nervous.


    Later Sirat is taking off her jewelry but it seems difficult for her. Kartik comes to help her and gets so close to her while doing so. Sirat feels so good. Kartik tells Sirat that he has booked a resort for her and him only. Sirat remains silent then Kartik says that he'll cancel it if she doesn't want to go. Sirat replies that they'll go with Kairav and Akshara.


    Kartik thanks Sirat saying that he also wants to spend some quality time with his family only. Kartik apologizes to her if she feels that he can't give her time. Sirat replies that she'll enjoy it alot with the family. Kartik hugs Sirat and they both confess their love for each other. They both are so happy with each other. The next morning, Surekha says to Suwarna that Sirat and Kartik shouldn't go out to spend time with each other as instead of this they should spend time with the family only.



    But they are both surprised to see that Kartik and Sirat are taking Kairav and Akshara with them. Suwarna asks them to let Kairav and Akshara stay with them. But Sirat replies that they'll not feel good without their children. Sirat goes aside then Manish gets angry at Sirat for taking the children with her.


    He says that she can't take care of the children in the manner  Naira used to care about them. Sirat feels bad and recalls Sheela's words when she is being compared with Naira. Kairav arrives there and asks Sirat to hurry up as they're going to enjoy themselves a lot. Later they reach their destination. They go to a religious place. Kartik says to Sirat that what more she wants now as God has graced with every happiness.


    Sirat thinks that she wishes to prove Manish and Sheela wrong for their perception of her. Kartik says that they should make a wish together to come here every year on the occasion of their anniversary. But their wish isn't tied properly and they don't notice this. 

    Kartik informs Sirat that a company wants her to be a brand ambassador for them. He says that he'll look after the children as he wants her to win the international medal also.


    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September Written Update :

    Kartik and Sirat are enjoying a good time with each other and their children. Suddenly Sirat imagines Naira in the mirrors and her mind divers from happiness. Will Sirat manage her new journey properly?

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