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  • Saturday, 4 September 2021

    "Anupamaa Gets Angry On Kavya for Tagging with Anuj , Anuj to confess his Love "Anupamaa 4th September Upcoming


    "Anupamaa Gets Angry On Kavya for Tagging with Anuj , Anuj to confess his Love  "Anupamaa 4th September Upcoming

    "Anupamaa Gets Angry On Kavya for Tagging with Anuj , Anuj to confess his Love  "Anupamaa 4th September Upcoming.

    The episode begins when Vanraj and Kavya were heading towards home. Kavya appreciates Anuj’s look while Vanraj feels insecure seeing Anupamaa and Anuj dancing together.



     Anupamaa calls Kinjal to check if everything is fine in the house. Kavya tells Vanraj that Anuj is so down towards the earth and feels that Anupamaa should talk to him about their deal. Vanraj tells her that Anuj was Anupamaa’s classmate and not a friend. He thinks Anuj to be not so genuine.


     Anupamaa 4th September Today's Episode Written Update

    Kavya asks him if he’s feeling strange as Anupamaa has such a friend like Anuj and taunts him for not having such a classy friend like Anuj. Vanraj gets angry and tells her again that Anuj isn’t Anupamaa’s friend. Kavya feels that Anupamaa and Anuj look good together and seem to have good chemistry between them. Vanraj asks her to let him focus on driving. Devika asks Anuj why he didn’t drop Anupamaa home.


     Anuj tells her that Anupamaa has denied going with him and he didn’t expect anything from her. Devika asks Anuj why he never expressed his feelings to Anupamaa. Anuj asks her about the issue with Anupamaa’s factory. Devika tells him that Anupamaa is in a mess as the family and she is burdened with a loan amount of forty lakhs. She feels that Anupamaa is a fighter and will find a way to get through her tough situation.




     Anuj thinks for a while and takes Devika to dance. As Anupamaa reaches home, Pakhi excitingly asks her if Anuj Kapadia is her friend. Kavya tells them that Anupamaa and Anuj are close friends. Kinjal asks Anupamaa to tell them in detail. Anupamaa tells them that she was unaware of Anuj Kapadia and came to know about him at their reunion party.


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    Kavya asks her not to hide but tell everyone if Anuj and she had a past relationship in their college days. Anupamaa tells Kavya that she didn’t hide anything like Vanraj and she did about their affair for the last nine years. Kavya gets silent. Anupamaa tells her that she enjoyed the party and has nothing to hide from her friends.


     She asks Leela to give her a balm for her knees. Kinjal thinks Anupamaa and Leela to be very cute. Pakhi asks Anupamaa if Anuj is that guy Devika once told them about. Anupamaa asks her not to talk further about this topic.


    Leela asks Kavya and Vanraj why they went to the restaurant where Anupama had the party. Kavya tells him about the meeting with a builder for selling the factory. She feels glad that she met with Anuj. Anupama goes to freshen up when Kavya asks Pakhi what Devika told her about Anuj.





     Pakhi pretends to forget what Devika said and ignores Kavya. Kavya realizes that there’s something that Vanraj and Pakhi are hiding. Anuj returns home when his uncle scolds him for coming back early from the party. They have friendly conservation. G.K asks Anuj to find a girl, get married, and settled in life.


    Anuj seems lost in his thoughts when G.K asks him if he met with Anupama at the party. Anuj shows him their dance video. He tells G.K that he cannot believe he danced with Anupama together. G.K asks him if he’s lost in Anupama’s thoughts. Anuj knows that Anupama isn’t thinking about him. Anupama feels upset as her new sandals tore apart but get excited recalling the party. She massages her knees. Vanraj gets irritated at Kavya for always bragging about Anuj.


    Kavya asks him to be realistic and tells him that they must use Anuj as an opportunity to get free from their burden of loan. She feels that they must build a friendship with Anuj through Anupama’s connection. Samar enters Anupamaa’s room. 

    Seeing Samar distressed, Anupama asks him what has happened. After knowing the incident, Anupama consoles him. Samar fears if Nandini leaves him and chooses Rohan instead of him. Anupama tells him that he’s Nandini’s present and asks him not to worry and sleep.




    Anupama gets a call from Devika. Devika tells her that the party is still on and informs her that Anuj too left the party soon after she left. She teases Anupama taking Anuj’s name. Anupama asks her not to pull her legs. She asks him not to tease her with Anuj’s name. Vanraj hears Anupama and Devika’s conversation and feels relaxed.

     Anuj listens to music and opens a diary recalling how he has loved Anupama for the last twenty-six years. He decides to help Anupama in her tough days.


    Precap For Anupamaa 5th September Upcoming :

     Pakhi shows her family the dance video of Anupama with Anuj. She asks Anupama if she’s feeling awkward as Anuj had a crush on her in their college days. Kavya taunts Anupama asking her if it was a one-sided love or she had feelings for him too. Leela gets hurt.

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