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  • Saturday, 25 September 2021

    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Romance Started At Mumbai Beach " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Spoiler


    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Romance Started At Mumbai Beach " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Spoiler

    "Anupamaa-Anuj's Romance Started At Mumbai Beach " Anupamaa Upcoming Story Spoiler.

    Segment Starts with Mumbai Beach Which Was Anupamaa Second Dream, 1st One is Aeroplane and Anuj Fulfills her Both Dreams.

    Anuj Somehow Know Anupamaa Always Wanted to Visit Beach and They are at Mumbai for work So After Work Finish Anuj Tells Anupamaa that we are Going to Aksa Beach.

    Anupamaa Couldn’t Control her excitement and Gets Ready In Seconds.

    Anupamaa 25th September Today's Episode Written Update

    They Visit Beach where Anupamaa without Delay Throws her Sandles off and Runs to Water.

    She Runs Into the Water with Bare Feet and Anuj Runs Behind her.

    In Light Rain Shivers Anupamaa Enjoys the Cold Breezes and She Turns Arounds in the Rain ,Anuj is Just Lost in her.

    After that She Sits On the Beach and Writes her Name in the Wet Sand.

    Anuj comes and Both Walks In the Water, Anupamaa Suddenly Feels Cold So Anuj offers his Blazer to her and this is How Anupamaa Also Feels Something New Building inside her.

    There Anuj is Lost In Dream Where He Catch Anupamaa’s Saree Pallu and In Filmy Romantic Way Anupamaa takes her Pallu Back.

    One Candy Flos Seller Breaks Both Anupamaa and Anuj’s Dream and Anuj Buys Candy Flos for Anupamaa,

    Anupamaa Sits On the Rock and Enjoys her Candy Flos, Looking At Anuj coming towards her She Offers Him and He Bends Down and Eats with her hand and sits beside her.

    Both Enjoys Sunset Togther while one is thinking What is this New Feeling and Other is Falling in love with Anupamaa Again and Again.

    Stay Tuned into for Anupamaa’s Daily Written Update and Episode Spoiler, Upcoming Story Updates.

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