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  • Wednesday, 15 September 2021

    " Anuj Offers Partnership to Anupamaa, Vanraj-Anupamaa's Argument " Anupamaa 15th September 2021 Full Episode


    " Anuj Offers Partnership to Anupamaa, Vanraj-Anupamaa's Argument " Anupamaa 15th September 2021 Full Episode

    " Anuj Offers Partnership to Anupamaa, Vanraj-Anupamaa's Argument " Anupamaa 15th September 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. The family sits for breakfast with Anuj and G.K. G.K appreciates the halwa made by Anupama.



    He asks Anuj to give the gift box to Anupama. Anuj walks towards Anupama and tells her that he has found something from his mother’s belongings and felt that it should belong to her. Hasmukh asks Anupama to accept the gift. Kinjal and Pakhi get excited and ask Anupama to open the gift box. Kavya wonders if Anuj is giving his mother’s bangles to Anupama.

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     Anupama opens the box and finds the ghungroos inside it. Vanraj gets shocked to see the ghungroos. Anupama thanks Anuj and shows it to everyone. Vanraj ad Anupama gets reminded of the day when Vanraj threw her ghungroos and broke them. Anupama tells G.K that the ghungroos are blessings for her and thanks again. She asks Leela if she liked the ghungroos. Leela nods her head and pretends to like it.


    She doesn’t like Anuj and G.K’s presence in her house and feels like sending them back to their home. G.K asks Anupama to wear the ghungroos and send him the dance video. Samar decides to take care of it. Vanraj asks Anuj to give them some good news too. Anuj asks Samar to make some printouts for him. He appreciates Vanraj and Kavya’s ideas and efforts towards the presentation.




    Meanwhile, Samar brings him the printouts. Anuj informs everyone that his team likes Anupama’s ideas more as it’s very unique and people expect his business modules to be different. Hasmukh appreciates Anupama’s ideas. Pakhi and Kinjal feel happy for Anupama. Anuj feels that no woman need a saviour in her life as she can go forward alone.


    He hands over the contract paper to Anupama and considers her to be the face of the project and he’s going to invest in it. He asks Anupama to discuss it with her family. Anupama gets excited and asks Anuj if he’s providing a job to her. Anuj tells her that he’s offering equal partnership to her in his five-star hotel. Vanraj and Kavya get shocked. Anupama gets hiccups when Anuj offers her water.


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    G.K feels that Anupama is capable of doing much bigger things. Hasmukh agrees with him. Samar reminds Kinjal how Anupama’s ghungroos were broken once and now she got ghungroos as a gift. Kinjal adds that Anupama has got respect and appreciation along with the ghungroos which she deserves. Anuj offers a job to Kavya and asks her to check the mail. He decides to work with Vanraj on his next project. He takes leave when Hasmukh asks them to come again.





    After they leave, Samar, Kinjal and Pakhi dance for Anupama as they feel proud of her achievement. Vanraj loses his temper and claps for Anupama by taunting her. Anuj tells G.K that he didn’t do any favour to Anupama as she deserves it. G.K reminds him how Vanraj humiliated Anupama as told by Devika. Anuj tells him that Anupama is now independent and talented too.


     He feels that Vanraj and Kavya to be talented too. G.K tells him that he will have women power in his office with Anupama, Devika and Kavya’s joining. Anuj hopes Anupama to agree to the partnership. G.K feels that Anupama will have to go through a lot of complications from her family. Vanraj taunts Anupama that her ideas got selected as she was Anuj’s college love. Anupama screams at him.


    She gets angry at Vanraj. Vanraj asks her why she’s losing her temper and claims that her attitude has changed after Anuj arrived in her life. Anupama asks him if he’s jealous that her idea got selected as ideas don’t come with degrees and experience but with brains. She reminds Vanraj that she was the only one to give him the idea of opening a cafe. She taunts back Vanraj if the truth hit him hard. She tells Vanraj and Kavya that her idea was better than theirs which Anuj Kapadia liked more.


     Kavya tells her that her idea would have been in the dustbin if it wasn’t for Anuj. Anupama asks Kavya why she’s being targeted when she gets excited seeing Anuj, clicks selfies with him and wants to make friendship with him. She gets irritated at Vanraj’s behaviour for losing all his good qualities. Leela asks Anupama why Anuj and G.K arrive at their home every day.


    Precap For Anupamaa 16th September 2021 Full Episode :

     Vanraj asks Anupama to say no to Anuj’s proposal. Anupama reminds him that he’s not her husband anymore. Leela orders her not to accept Anuj’s proposal.

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