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  • Monday, 2 August 2021

    Anupamaa 2nd August 2021 Written Update " Vanraj Supports Anupamaa Against Rakhi "


    Anupamaa 2nd August 2021 Written Update " Vanraj Supports Anupamaa Against Rakhi "

    Anupamaa 2nd August 2021 Written Update " Vanraj Supports Anupamaa Against Rakhi ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupamaa tells Rakhi that the family is ready to fight to keep their self-respect intact.



    Rakhi taunts her for giving lectures. Kavya gets irritated at Anupamaa while Vanraj supports Anupamaa. Vanraj tells Rakhi that they will try their best to fight the crisis. Vanraj Anupamaa Anupamaa asks Rakhi to take leave as they don’t need her help at that moment. Rakhi tells them that she will come back again as the Shahs would need her.

    Anupamaa 2nd August Today's Episode Written Update


     She leaves. Hasmukh apologizes to Vanraj and Anupamaa for being responsible for this situation as he has never seen the documents of the factory once it got shut. Paritosh gets frustrated with his family and curses them in his mind. Vanraj and Anupamaa try to console Hasmukh. Hasmukh breaks down into tears and so does mama ji.


    Anupamaa tells Hasmukh that he has done a lot for his family. Vanraj tells his father that they will manage the situation somehow. Hasmukh asks them not to stop dreaming just because of his mistake. Vanraj and Anupamaa assure him that they will not lose the battle so easily and will keep trying their level best to handle the situation. Paritosh goes to his room and throws his bag in the bed. Kinjal follows him and asks him for his insensitive behavior of leaving the family when they are in need.




     Paritosh lashes out as the Shahs are never ready to take help when Rakhi offered them to do so. He asks Kinjal to make his family understand that the tax has to be filled with money and not with self-respect. He blames Hasmukh for leaving a tax amount of twenty lakh for his children as his heritage. Kinjal asks him not to blame Hasmukh.


     Paritosh tells her that the problem is staying in the family under the same roof. Kinjal asks him angrily what he wants. While Anupamaa goes to knock on the door, she hears Paritosh telling Kinjal that he wants to live a free life and not being suffocated. Anupamaa gets emotional and leaves without interrupting Paritosh and Kinjal’s conversation. Kavya asks Vanraj if they can go out for a while to get some freshness.

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    Vanraj denies it at first but gets convinced as Kavya tells him that he needs a break too. He goes to change while Kavya waits for him. Pakhi approaches Kavya and asks her if they can practice the dance steps as her competition is in the next day. Kavya asks her politely to practice alone as she’s going out for a coffee with Vanraj. She asks Pakhi not to worry as her performance will go well.





     Anupamaa hears their conversation from the kitchen window. As Kavya leaves, Pakhi tells Anupamaa that she will practice herself. She gets irritated as no one gives her time. Anupamaa finds Nandini and Samar worried about the tax amount to be paid. She wipes out Samar’s tears. She asks Nandini if she can help Pakhi with her dance competition. 

    Nandini agrees to talk to Pakhi but not knowing how she will react. Samar asks not to worry about Pakhi’s dance competition. Anupamaa tells him that Pakhi is her daughter and she will worry for her. She asks Samar to talk to Paritosh and gets to know that both the brothers have fought with each other physically.

     She gets fed up and cries. Samar blames the problems for coming into their life only. Anupamaa tells him that when happiness comes to them then they will have to deal with the issues of life too. She asks Samar and Nandini not to worry but think about what to do the next morning. Vanraj and Kavya enjoy in the cafe with some friends. Vanraj tells their friends to help him get a loan for his business. A friend asks Kavya about her job and decides to help her find one. While Pakhi practices dance alone, Nandini approaches her and tells her that she’s there if she needs any help. Pakhi taunts Anupamaa for sending Nandini and showing her greatness again.


    Nandini gets angry as Pakhi talks in a bad tone and taunts Anupamaa. Both of them get into a heated conversation. Samar and Anupamaa come running hearing Pakhi and Nandini’s voices. Kinjal and Paritosh arrive there too. Nandini calls Pakhi to be an arrogant girl who doesn’t know how to behave properly. Kinjal asks Pakhi to behave properly with Nandini as she is elder than her.


     Pakhi taunts Kinjal and Nandini for being like Anupamaa when Nandini tells her that she’s the second Kavya of this family. Kinjal thinks Nandini to be right as Pakhi has become too rude. Anupamaa loses her words. Pakhi blames everyone for ruining her practice and leaves angrily. 

    Paritosh and Samar start arguing with each other. Nandini apologizes to Anupamaa and leaves. As everyone leaves, Anupamaa breaks down into tears and cries loudly.


    Precap For  Anupamaa 3rd August 2021 Written Update :

     Kavya accuses Vanraj of talking to her friends about the loan. Vanraj loses her temper. Meanwhile, Pakhi misbehaves with Anupamaa for touching her dress.

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