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  • Saturday, 31 July 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July Written Update " Kartik Challenges Narendranath and Aradhna "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July Written Update " Kartik Challenges Narendranath and Aradhna "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July Written Update " Kartik Challenges Narendranath and Aradhna ".

    The episode starts with Suwarna. She says to Kartik that they should ask Sirat once about Mauri's wish for her ashes to be thrown in the river.



     Suhasini replies that Sirat wasn't in such condition to answer anything. She says Kartik to perform this ritual also. Surekha arrives there and asks them to see the news. They are all shocked to see that Aradhna Tripathi is now making an issue for the moment when Kartik holds Sirat's hand. Narendranath is happy to see the news because Aradhna is adding Kartik's name to the case.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 30th July 2021

    Another side, Manish says that they should leave this country as he can't tolerate such things anymore. Kartik replies that one day the truth will come out and till then they need not fear anything. Manish requests Kartik to listen to him for this time. Kartik asks him to support him for a little time also as after that he'll win his race.


    He says that his absence will disturb Sirat and also promised Mauri and Ranveer that he'll protect Sirat. Surekha taunts Kartik then Kartik argues with her. Kartik seeks everyone's support to win the case. Manish isn't ready to help him. On the other hand, in the jail, Sirat is so sick and later becomes unconscious and falls to the ground. Then seeing her condition the other prisoners get worried and asks the constable to bring a doctor.




    Later Kartik and Manish go to meet a lawyer named Indra. She says that getting bail isn't easy and it can take some time also. Kartik replies that they don't have that much time. Indra replies that it is a time-consuming process. Kartik says that he is here because of her honesty in her work. He further says that he is there is hope that she'll help him and he doesn't want to hire another lawyer now. She is ready to help them.


     Manish says to Kartik that is supporting him only for twenty-four hours and after that, he has to listen to him and will pack his bags to leave the country. The next morning, Sirat's condition is so bad then the other prisoners in her cell prays to their god to make Sirat well. The officers check Sirat and say that she is having a high fever but they can't take her to the hospital because they have to shift her to another jail. 


     Anupamaa 30th July Today's Episode Written UPDATE 

    In Goenka's house, everyone is ready with their packed bags. Kartik is trying to contact Indra but her phone seems out of range. Manish says to Kartik since the arrival of Sirat, he starts ignoring the family. He further says that he knows that Sirat is innocent but the law doesn't know this so he should stay away from the situation now.





    He asks Kartik to choose one thing among Sirat's friendship or his relationship with the family. Kartik remains silent then Manish asks Kartik to join them and pack his bags. Kartik remains silent then Manish forces him to leave. Kartik receives a call from Narendranath. He tells Kartik that today Sirat will be shifted to the central jail and there she'll die every second as he'll make her life hell and break all the ties for Sirat from the outer world.


    Kartik also receives the message for the same information.Kartik refuses to go with Manish and says that he can't leave Sirat alone and he'll fulfill his promise and after that, he'll go with them. Kartik apologizes to everyone and runs towards the jail. Manish asks Kartik not to destroy his own life because of others. Kartik doesn't listen to anyone.


     Goenkas disappoint with Kartik's move. Another side, Sirat is in dizzy condition then the cop gets some documents signed by her. Sirat doesn't read the document. Kartik asks Indra to do something before Sirat's shifting to the central jail. Kartik thinks to get help from the NGO. Later Narendranath lights the lamp for Ranveer and says to his picture that he is going to make Sirat's life hell and she'll suffer a lot in the new jail.




     In the jail, the constables feel bad for Sirat after learning about Narendranath's power and intentions to destroy Sirat. Later Kartik goes to Indra where she introduces Kartik to Shobhana an NGO director. Kartik seeks her help and Shobhana is ready to help him with all her heart. In Goenka's house, Manish is angry as Kartik didn't listen to him.


    Suhasini says that Kartik is trying all his efforts to fulfill his promise. Manish says that this time is the last chance for Kartik and if he gets failed then he'll not him try anything else for saving Sirat. Aradhna is covering the news for Sirat's transfer. Kartik reaches there with a crowd of NGO women who shouts in favor of Sirat. Kartik asks Aradhna to check her phone as many things get changed when she was busy here reporting the news.


    She shocks to see the video of women protesting for Sirat. Aradhna leaves saying to Kartik that nothing will work for him here. Narendranath becomes disappointed to see the news. The cops are all ready to shift Sirat to the central jail. Aradhna calls Narendranath and asks him not to worry as nothing will change in the last three minutes.


    Kartik gets emotional when the cops bring Sirat outside and they're ready to move now. Kartik feels so bad.

    Precap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August Written Update :

    Kartik requests the officer to give him one minute to talk to Sirat. But the officer refuses. The police jeep is running on the road. Kartik runs to follow Sirat. Sirat requests him not to do so.

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