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  • Friday, 30 July 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July Written Update" Sirat's Mouri Dies, Kartik Consoles Sirat "



    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July Written Update" Sirat's Mouri Dies, Kartik Consoles Sirat "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July Written Update" Sirat's Mouri Dies, Kartik Consoles Sirat ".


    The episode starts with Goenkas. They're getting worried about Kartik's reply to Aradhna Tripathi. As after getting the answer from Kartik that he was in Sirat's room during Ranveer's death, Aradhana ends the interview.




    Surekha gets angry and says that Kartik is serving Sirat's Mauri like she is his own. Manish says that he isn't feeling good. Another side, Kartik is showing Sirat's pictures to Mauri so that to divert her mind. But Mauri again requests him to let her meet once Sirat before her death. Kartik asks her not to talk like this as nothing is going to happen like this.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 30th July 2021

     Mauri asks Kartik that will he take care of Sirat in her absence. Kartik gets emotional. Kartik messages the lawyer to do anything so that Mauri can meet Sirat. But the lawyer gives no big hope to him. Mauri again requests Kartik to leave Sirat alone at any cost. Kartik plays Sirat's dancing video then Mauri and Kartik laugh a lot with each other remembering Sirat's funny videos. On the other hand, in jail, Sirat draws Mauri's picture on a wall because she is missing a lot.


    There in Goenka's house, Mauri's laugh suddenly gets converted into breathlessness. Kartik gets so worried seeing her condition. Kartik holds her hand and with that, she leaves the world because her breath has stopped now. This is another big loss for Kartik after Ranveer. He can't beleive the situation but is feels sorry as he failed to fulfill Mauri's last wish to meet Sirat.










     He bursts into tears and closes Mauri's eyes. Gayatri arrives there she shouts so loudly after seeing Mauri dead. Everyone gathers in Mauri's room and becomes shocked after seeing the circumstances there. Everyone has tears in their eyes. Kartik is thinking that how can he tell them about the loss to her.


    Another side, seeing Mauri's sketch drawn by her, Sirat says that she is missing her a lot and wants to sleep in her lap. She cries to meet Mauri and still isn't aware of her death. Later Kartik thinks that he fails to get permission so that Sirat can meet Mauri but now he has to do something so that Sirat can see Mauri's face for the last time.


     Anupamaa 30th July Today's Episode Written UPDATE 

    Another side, Sirat is feeling so much pain then she recalls Mauri's advice to her that to forget about the pain you should focus on happiness and happy moments only. Sirat thinks about the happy moments that she spent with Mauri and Mauri's precious smile when she brought a cheeseburger for her. Sirat feels good after recalling the good time. The other prisoner asks the reason behind her happiness then Sirat tells her about her Mauri and also praises her a lot.




    Sirat proudly tells that today she is a boxer only because of Mauri as everyone else was against her but Mauri stands with her in every worse situation. Soon Sirat gets emotional and says that she is missing her a lot now. Sirat says that she is hoping that she'll meet her Mauri soon. She requests that Kartik may listen to her wish and come there with Mauri.


     Later Kartik reaches the police station. The officer asks Sirat that someone is there to meet her. Sirat hopes that she must be Mauri. She gets so excited to meet her. Sirat is feeling so weak because she is having a fever also. With shaking steps she goes with the cops. After reaching Kartik, Sirat asks about Mauri only. But Kartik can't answer her. She says that she is missing Mauri a lot and knows that he brought her here.


     Kartik remains silent but tears come out of his eyes. Seeing Kartik Sirat can understand that something has happened. She now questions more about Mauri but Kartik doesn't answer any of her questions. Sirat is getting worried now. Kartik tells Sirat that he is here to take to meet Mauri for the very last time. Sirat is shattered after learning the truth and losses her consciousness.




    She falls into Kartik's arms. Later, Goenkas are sad about Mauri's death. The police reach there with Sirat and the media surrounds Sirat. Sirat losses her sense of seeing Mauri's dead body. She runs then the police hold her and asks Kartik that they'll not let her see her Mauri if she'll continue to behave like this. Kartik holds Sirat's hand in front of the media and takes her inside the house.


    Goenkas feel so bad for her. With all her courage Sirat goes near to Mauri's dead body. She sits near her and bursts into tears after recalling the time she has spent with her. She is feeling so alone because no one there left for her. She forwards her hand to touch Mauri's body. But this, she losses her consciousness and falls on the floor.


    Goenkas are feeling bad for her. Suwarna goes to hold Sirat. Later after performing the funeral for Mauri.

     Suwarna says to Kartik that they should once ask Sirat Mauri's last wish before flowing her ashes into the Ganga. Suhasini replies that at this time Sirat has no sense of anything so they can't ask her. Later Sirat cries a lot for her Mauri in the jail.


    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July Written Update :

    Narendranath makes a call to Kartik. He says to Kartik that he is going to send Sirat to another strict jail where she'll die to see the outer world and he'll make her life hell. Kartik runs to save her.

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