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  • Thursday, 29 July 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July Written Update " Kartik Gives Live Interview, Defend Sirat and Exposes Truth "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July Written Update " Kartik Gives Live Interview, Defend Sirat and Exposes Truth "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July Written Update " Kartik Gives Live Interview, Defend Sirat and Exposes Truth ".

    The episode starts with Narendranath. He hands over Ranveer's phone to Aradhna in which Sirat's voice is recorded confessing her love for Kartik.



    At the same moment, Aradhana receives a call from Kartik. He says to her that accepted her offer for the interview. Aradhna is planning to play Sirat's recording in the interview. Later everyone is worried about Kartik's next move. Suhasini tells to everyone that Kartik asked her that he'll inform everyone before taking his next step.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 29th July 2021


    Kartik arrives there and tells to everyone that he has decided to talk to the media and he'll take the live interview so that the media can't mold his statement. Akhilesh is calling the lawyer so that he can tell a good statement to Kartik. But Kartik stops him and says that he'll use his own words. Aradhna Tripathi arrives there with his cameraman to take Kartik's exclusive interview. Aradhna says to Kartik that she was sure that he'll soon accept his offer.


     Kartik replies that it's the truth that needs to become out. He says that he is so strong with his truth and needs not to become weak at any point. Aradhna asks him to let her decision about the truth for now. Kartik asks Aradhna to take the interview to live so that she can't change his statements. Aradhna agrees with Kartik's demand but she asks Kartik to give her some hints so that she can frame her questions.





    Kartik asks her not to worry about anything as he'll answer all her questions with honesty. Aradhna puts Ranveer's phone on the table then Kartik notices it and thinks that is why she is having this with her. Manish says that Aradhna is a smart reporter and she can easily trap anyone in her questions so Kartik should be wise while answering the questions.

     Anupamaa 29th July Today's Episode Written UPDATE 


    Aradhna starts the interview with a live telecast. Kartik destroys Aradhna's evidence against him by intentionally throwing a glass of water on Ranveer's phone. Aradhna gets worried now as she was planning to play Sirat's audio during the interview. But the phone is damaged now. Kartik thinks that for sure Narendranath handed Ranveer's phone to her. On another side in the jail, Sirat is having a fever. The constable talks about Kartik's interview. The other prisoners request the constable to play the interview so that everyone can watch it.


     Narendranath and Saroj are also watching the interview. Aradhna starts her questions for Kartik. Kartik answers her question very smartly. Kartik tells that he met with Sirat when Kairav misunderstood her as his Mumma because she is having a similar face matching with his wife Naira. Aradhna questions Kartik that has Naira's face is the reason that he brought Sirat to Goenka's house.






     Kartik replies that Sirat came here just for his son because he was so sick and except Kairav everyone knows who she is and they all like her because of her honesty and kindness. Aradhna asks that he can fall in love with Sirat because of her face. Kartik replies that Sirat is just a friend to him and feels it inconvenient to compare her with his wife.


    Aradhna's next question is that whether Sirat is trying to trap him into this murder case or not? Everyone gets worried about this question. But Kartik makes it clear to Aradhna that it wasn't a murder at all because Ranveer died only because of his illness. He says that Sirat can't trap anyone because it's against her nature.


     Sirat feels good seeing that Kartik respects her and doing a lot to stand in her favor. Kartik praises Sirat a lot in his interview. Kartik further says that for now, media has become a platform by which fake things can be spread easily. But Aradhna takes it another way then Kartik gives a clear answer to the camera. He says that before making anyone criminal they should let the court work and decide whether the person is accused or not?



    Sirat thanks Kartik with her heart for all his efforts for her. Kartik tells about Ranveer and Sirat's love story. Aradhna asks that despite the love why Sirat started giving poison to Ranveer. Kartik asks her on what basis she is blaming Sirat to put poison in Ranveer's food. Kartik says to Aradhna that it looks she brought the poison and handed it to Sirat.


    Aradhna gets angry then Kartik says why she is feeling bad when someone is involving her in this case. He says that he knows that she isn't involved in the case as he knows about Sirat. He further says that Ranveer's medical reports tell that Ranveer died because of lead poisoning. Aradhna says that the reports tell her about the poison then Kartik asks her that it can be another member of the family then why she is blaming Sirat only.


    Kartik warns Aradhna that he'll file a case against her on the day Sirat will get free from the blame. Aradhna's next question is that whether Kartik was with Sirat in her room during Ranveer's death or not?

     Kartik replies that he was there in Ranveer and Sirat's room at the time of death. Goenka is worried because of this answer.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July Written Update :

    Sirat is missing a lot of her Mauri. Another side, Mauri wishes to meet Sirat once before her death. She requests Kartik to take care of Sirat after her then she leaves the world. Kartik gets another big shock now.

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