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  • Thursday, 22 July 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July Written Update " Ranveer Died and Before That Gives Sirat's Responsibilty to Kartik "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July Written Update " Ranveer Died and Before That Gives Sirat's Responsibilty to Kartik "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July Written Update " Ranveer Died and Before That Gives Sirat's Responsibilty to Kartik ".

    The episode starts with Kartik and Sirat. They both bring Ranveer back home. Narendranath becomes happy to see him but feels envy to see Kartik and Sirat.


     Nidhi welcomes Ranveer with aarti. Chandan comes to meet Ranveer and gets emotional. But Saroj remains motionless then Ranveer forwards his hand towards her then she holds his hand. Everyone takes Ranveer to his room. Sirat and Kartik take care of his every need. Narendranath watches everything standing at the door. Ranveer holds Sirat and Kartik's hand.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 22nd July 2021

    They both try a lot to keep Ranveer happy all the time. The next morning, Ranveer convinces Sirat for the boxing tournament. She gets convinced only because of him against his will. Seeing leaves falling from a tree, Ranveer thinks that his life will also end like this one day. Later on, days go, Sirat goes for the tournament and wins the match.


    Kartik and Ranveer watch her match staying at home. Ranveer becomes so excited seeing her match but Kartik's eyes stick to Ranveer only. He is taking care of Ranveer in Sirat's absence also. Sirat cries a lot for Ranveer's health. Days pass and one morning, Ranveer gives all his property to Sirat. Sirat shocks. Ranveer asks her not to deny this saying that SSC is not only a business for him but also a dream of many girls to become like Sirat Shekhawat.




     Kartik arrives there then Ranveer says to Sirat that he knows that she can deal with the outer world easily but for the inner world he requested Kartik to stay with her. Before Ranveer say anything more, Kartik interrupts him and asks him to take a rest. Kartik sends Sirat to bring juice for Ranveer and he asks Ranveer not to open this topic again and again. Ranveer gets worried because Kartik isn't giving him a clear answer to his question.


     Later Kartik says to himself that he can't be Sirat's life partner for life because it seems so difficult to him. He says that he can only support her being her friend and nothing more than that and she can spend her life with Ranveer's memories only. On the other hand in Goenka's house, Manish asks Suwarna to stop Kartik from visiting Chauhan's house daily because Narendranath can create a scene anytime to insult him.


     Anupamaa 22nd July Today's Episode Written UPDATE 

    Later Ranveer is sitting alone and is looking at the falling leaves of the tree. Narendranath comes to him with tears in his eyes. He tells Ranveer, the importance of him in his life. He says that God will not be happy who brought a crack between a father and son's relationship. Ranveer asks him not to blame Sirat for anything because she entered very late in his life and their relationship broke much before that.


     Ranveer says to Narendranath that he used to control his life and when he got to know about Sirat then he slapped him in front of his college, he insulted in front of their staff when he did some mistake in business. He further says to him that his ego got hurted when he became aware of his decision to marry Sirat. Narendranath feels bad for his rude behavior.


     Narendranath says he is angrier with Sirat when he listened her saying that she loves Kartik. Ranveer replies that it's their matter and they have ended it so he should also forget it. Narendranath says to Ranveer that Sirat and Kartik are responsible for the poison in his body. Ranveer replies that the poison is present in his body because of the gunshot which he ordered.


     Indirectly Ranveer blames Narendranath for his condition. Ranveer requests him to let him die with peace. Narendranath gets angrier and says that he'll not forget Sirat and Kartik. Ranveer more worried and day by day his health becomes worse. He sits and looks at the one leaf only. Later one night, it becomes difficult for him to breathe. Kartik is going to call the doctor but Ranveer stops him.




    He looks at the only leaf left at the tree and says that he doesn't have much time now. Kartik still calls the doctor. Ranveer holds both of their hands and requests both of them that to stay always together with each other for the life being each other's life partners. Kartik and Sirat shock then Ranveer requests them to fulfill his last wish.


    He puts Sirat's hand in Kartik's hand and asks both of them not to leave each other. He leaves the world and the last leaf also falls from the tree. It seems a drastic loss for both of them. Kartik closes Ranveer's eyes while Sirat isn't believing the truth. They both cry a lot and feel so bad. Listening to their crying voices everyone reaches there and gets a big shock seeing Ranveer dead.


    They all cry a lot and ask Ranveer to wake up again. But Ranveer gives no response to them. Sirat says that he leaves her alone breaking all his promises. Sirat blames herself for Ranveer's dead and says that she fails to save her Ranveer. 

    Another side, Goenkas are worried that why Kartik usually visits Ranveer's house. Kartik makes a call to Manish and informs him about Ranveer's death. He becomes shocked as Kartik didn't tell anything to them before about Ranveer's health.



    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July Written Update :

    Saroj slaps Sirat at Ranveer's funeral. She blames Sirat that Ranveer is died only because of her. Kartik asks her not to blame Sirat but she Kartik also for their loss.

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