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  • Wednesday, 21 July 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July Written Update " Sirat Takes Out Anger on Kartik"


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July Written Update " Sirat Takes Out Anger on Kartik"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July Written Update " Sirat Takes Out Anger on Kartik".


    The episode starts with a worried Sirat. She brings an unconscious Ranveer to the hospital. Kartik also reaches there.




    He is worried whether Ranveer told Sirat or not and it'll not be good if the doctor will tell her. Sirat asks the doctor to tell her why suddenly Ranveer's health gets worsen as he was totally fine for some time. The doctor replies that he already told Kartik and Ranveer that Ranveer's health will decline as the poison is spreading into his whole body.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 21st July 2021

    Sirat becomes shocked after listening to this. Kartik also listens to the doctor telling about Ranveer's health to Sirat. The doctor tells Kartik that Ranveer doesn't have much time now. Sirat doesn't understand what to do. She gets angry at Kartik as being her friend he also didn't tell her anything. She cries a lot but Kartik remains silent.


     Sirat's world is devastated. Kartik tries to calm her down. He asks her to listen to him only now. He says to her that this time Ranveer needs her the most so she should be strong now. He suggests Sirat not waste a single second of the time and she should spend all her time with Ranveer only. Sirat goes to Ranveer. Narendranath and Saroj listen to Sirat and Kartik's conversation and now they are in shock after learning about Ranveer's fatal condition.




    Narendranath cries a lot and says that now he got his son back and soon he is going to leave them alone again. Saroj becomes motionless. Another side, Ranveer apologizes to Sirat as he promised her to spend all her time with her but now he is going to leave her alone. Sirat replies that she'll not let him go away from her at any cost. Kartik gets angry at God for making his friends suffer a lot.


     He says may Sirat's anger work and she can stop Ranveer from leaving this world. Sirat asks Ranveer not to worry about anything as she'll handle everything but will not let him go. She leaves Ranveer asking him to wait for her for a little time. Now Kartik goes to meet Ranveer. Kartik asks him to believe in Sirat's faith. Ranveer replies that he wants to do the same but nothing happens according to anyone.

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    Kartik replies that still they'll try their best to save him and they need his help also. Ranveer says to Kartik that he and Sirat have the same beleive. Later Sirat meets the doctor. The doctor tells her that there is no hope for Ranveer's recovery. Sirat requests the doctor to suggest something to Ranveer's life as a doctor is the second after the god in saving someone's life.



    The doctor replies that they can do surgery but there is no hope whether it'll work or Ranveer will lose his life forever or he can be in a coma. The doctor asks Sirat to decide Ranveer's last few days to be filled with happiness or pain. Sirat replies that she'll fight till the last moment to save him.


    The doctor asks her to discuss it with her family but she asks the doctor to be ready for performing the surgery Another side, Ranveer tells Kartik that he doesn't want to suffer all because of him so he wants to die soon. Ranveer questions Kartik whether he'll give himself and Sirat a chance or not to live together. Kartik asks Ranveer not to think this.


    Sirat arrives there then the nurse sends her and Kartik out as the doctor is arriving for the checkup. Sirat is in so much pain. Kartik tells her that Ranveer was about to tell her and he also wanted to tell her but Ranveer asked him not to do so. He says he'll not get any chance to apologize to Ranveer that's why he didn't break his promise. Sirat asks Kartik not to talk like this as Ranveer isn't going anywhere as they can go for the surgery.




    Kartik tells her that after knowing the results of the surgery, Ranveer refuses it because he doesn't want to be a burden on someone else. He asks Sirat to think once according to Ranveer's point of view. He suggests Sirat make Ranveer's remaining life more beautiful. He says that they both will go him the entire happiness of the world. Sirat leaves without saying anything and having tears in her eyes. Kartik feels so helpless. Later Narendranath gets angry at the doctor for not informing him.


    He blames Kartik and Sirat for Ranveer's condition. Ranveer asks Narendranath not to say a single word of blame to Kartik and Sirat. The doctor takes everyone out of the ICU. But Ranveer stops Kartik. He again requests him to take care of Sirat as Narendranath can do anything with her. Kartik silently leaves the ICU. Later Sirat is recalling every happy and lovable moment she spent with Ranveer.



    She cries a lot and feels so bad. Kartik hallucinates Naira again. She suggests Kartik go and talk to Sirat. Kartik replies he can't ask her to smile without having pain in her heart. She asks Kartik to make Sirat understand to live a new life in the remaining time with Ranveer.

     Another side, Sirat sees an example of a mother who is trying to make her daughter happy in her ending days. She goes to Kartik and says to him that she'll everything now whatever Ranveer wants to do her to make him happy. They both decide to take him home.



    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July Written Update :

    They take Ranveer at home. His health declined. Sirat is about to call the doctor but Ranveer stops her. He asks Sirat and Kartik to live together happily after him. Giving Sirat's hand in Kartik's hand, he leaves the world.

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