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  • Wednesday, 21 July 2021

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 " Dev- Sonakshi's Cute Romance, Sonakshi Teases Dev "

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 " Dev- Sonakshi's Cute Romance, Sonakshi Teases Dev "

                                           Image Courtesy : Sony Tv

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 " Dev- Sonakshi's Cute Romance, Sonakshi Teases Dev ".

    The Episode starts with Sonakshi Talks with Suhana About Ayush and Suhana Tells Her to Send him Back to his House.

    Elena comes with Mamiji and Golu and Both Kids Talk about How to Take Revenge on Ayush. Elena Talks with Sonakshi that She Knows You will Handle All This Dev and Sonakshi Can Solve Any Problem and Sonakshi Thinks About How Far They are from Each-other.

    Jatin is with Sourabh and Sonakshi’s father and They All are worried for Sonakshi and Suhana. Sonakshi’s Father is Behind Ishwari and Cursing her.


    Suhana and Golu are Playing Video Games and When Ayush comes to See On Tv Golu Intetionally comes and stands in front of him. Dev comes and Sees All This and Makes Golu and Ayush Fried and Tells Golu to Play with Ayush and Golu takes the Video game Remote from Suhana to Ayush and Golu tell Suhana That They will Figure out Something. They Go Out and leave Ayush Alone He goes and Sit Sadly on His bed Again.

    Dev is thinking about Sonakshi and Ayush and Their Conversation. Mamiji comes and Asks Dev What is Problem, He Also advises Him to Go and Talk with Sonakshi and Dev replies that I am Man of the House I can Bear All this Alone, I can’t put them in this and I didn’t Know That Someday Rohit came with Ayush and Change My world. Did I do the Correct Thing?

    Mamiji Adds Fuel to Fire By Telling that Ishwari is Grandmother and She is doing More than She Can do But You need to Make Sonakshi Understand and Dev Shares How she is Only Thinking About Suhana But She has to think about Ayush.

    Ishwari calls Dev that Elena and Mamiji are here come Out, Sonakshi is Reading Something on Elena's Phone and Mamiji is Praising Elena’s work But Ishwari is Scandalize to read All comments on Elena’s Photos and Video.

    KUCH RANG PYAAR KE ESE BHI Today's Episode  

    Dev comes and Makes Ishwari Understand Elena’s Work and Dev Asks Elena Is Any Stalker Behind Her Elena Says No.Elena Says About Someone who is messing Her 1000 Messages Per Day, Dev gets a Hint and Taunts Sonakshi That Elena if someone is giving You So Attention he is not Your Husband I am Sure and Sonakshi Gets the Hint that he is taunting About Jatin.

    At Office Dev Asks His Assistant About Land and tells Him to do Anything to Get That Land.


    Dev is On the Phone and Sonakshi comes and gives him Perfumes He forgets. Sonakshi Remembers Memory where Dev is using Same Perfume and How She Romanced with Him and He told her that He will use this perfume Daily.

    Sonakshi Teases Dev That What if Someone Send me Daily Message Like the way Elena is getting? Dev Stops her and Asks Did You Also Made an Account Like Elena? Sonakshi Says No and Dev Says Even if You Made I Know How to Keep My things with me.

    Dev gets Rohit’s Father's Message and Dev tells Sonakshi that he is Replying to them to Meet Tomorrow and Sonakshi gets Shocked.



    Dev and Sonakshi Take Suhana Out and Suhana tells them Thank You for this treat So Devakshi says You are Special that’s why Special Treat. Suhana Laughs and Says Thank God That Ayush Pai is not with us. Dev and Sonakshi get shocked.

    Suhana Runs to Get Ice-cream and Rohit’s father and Mother Meet Dev and Sonakshi. Dev Introduce them to Suhana By telling them They are Old Neighbors.


    Suhana Gets a Little Bit Scared and She tells Sonakshi to Sit on another Corner and Rohit’s father Starts making Similarities Between Rohit and Suhana. Rohit’s Mother Gives Gold chain for Suhana.

    Rohit’s father Asks Dev to Come home with Ayush Tomorrow and Dev Accepts the Invitation.

    At House

    Dev comes home with ice cream for Ayush and He gets Happy. Suhana Sees Them Eating ice cream and Remembers How Dev and Sona told her that She is Special, she gets Angry and Runs Away.


    PRECAP For Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 :

    Ishwari Stops Dev and Sonakshi to Go to Rohit’s House because she kept Pooja for Ayush. When Pandit Ji Asks Ayush’s Parents Name Ishwari tells Dev and Sonakshi’s Name and Suhana gets So Angry and Sonakshi Notices this.

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