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  • Tuesday, 20 July 2021

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2021 " Suhana Writes " I hate you" for Ayush, Dev-Ishwari Gets Angry on Suhana "

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2021 " Suhana Writes " I hate you" for Ayush, Dev-Ishwari Gets Angry on Suhana "
                                             image Courtesy : Sony Tv

    Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2021 " Suhana Writes " I hate you" for Ayush, Dev-Ishwari Gets Angry on Suhana ".

    Sonakshi Servers Sweet to Mamaji and Mamiji and Ishwari gives to Ayush first He Gets Hesitate and Mamiji Comments He is not Bengali That’s why He is not Liking it.



    Ayush Takes and Sees The Sweet Ishwari Tells Sonakshi to Make Something Else for Him, Sonakshi Tells Ishwari Let Him Eat Once. Ayush Runs Away to Room. Ishwari Follows him to Room and Starts Making Him Eat. Suhana comes and Demands For ’ Besan halwa ‘ But Ishwari Tells her to Go to Your Mother.


    Suhana Notices and Takes ishwari’s Phone to Call Golu and They Talk Soon They Will Take Revenge on Ayush. Sonakshi comes to Room and Stops Ishwari to Feed him More But She is not Listing and Making Him Eat More and More, Making Similarities Between Dev and Him, Suddenly Ayush Starts Vomiting and Sonakshi Comforts Him and Shouts On Ishwari that You are Searching Dev in Him. He is new that’s why Not able to Tell You But You should Understand yourself.



    Ishwari taunts Sonakshi Tell me More What I shouldn’t do? Sonakshi tells her not to talk in front of Ayush and Gives him medicine. Dev Goes to Meet Someone Secretly and Takes One Number for Bidding to Purchase A Land. Sonakshi Asks Ayush if is He Hungry He Says Can You Make Something Like My grandmother Makes? Sonakshi Says Tell Me What You Like I will make Ayush becomes Sad But Sonakshi comes with ‘Sweet’ and tells Him that She Made it Especially for You.



    He Likes It and Says It's Good But Sonakshi Runs to Shubh Who is Crying for Sonakshi. Ayush keeps the Plate without Eating more on the table. At Night Sonakshi Gives ‘Sweet’ to Dev and He Tells her About Ayush’s Grandfather and he wants to meet Suhana. Here At Room Suhana gets up and Sees Ayush is Crying She Tells Him to Keep Quiet.


    Here Sonakshi gets Hyper After Listing this and She Says No She Won’t Let This happen they will take Away Suhana from us But Dev Says He Already Says Yes and They are not in a Position to Rise A Child Otherwise They didn’t even give Ayush But Sonakshi Says They don’t Need Ayush They Want Their Own Child That is Suhana. Dev Says I Promise You This is Not Big Deal Also We Should Admit her to Suhana’s School But Sonakshi Doesn’t Get Ready She Says He is not ready for this.

    KUCH RANG PYAAR KE Today's Episode  

    There At Room Suhana Gets Angry on Ayush for crying She Shouts On Ayush and Comes to Dev-Sonakshi’s Room and She Listens to Their Talk and Says No to them that Don’t Put Him at My school and tell him to go to His own House.Ayush is Also behind and Says My Parents Died Where would I Go and I was crying because I Was Missing My Father.





    He Says and Leaves. Dev Makes Suhana Sit and Asks Him What Problem You have if he Goes to Your School. Suhana Instead Reply Says She wants to Know What he means His Parents Died That means he will Stay here Forever?


    Dev Says Yes and See Like This that You have now two Brothers Suhana and he singles Sonakshi to Talk with her. Sonakshi tells Suhana That You both are Equal Age You both can Play and Enjoy But Suhana Says She has two brothers Shubh and Golu I don’t Need Another Brother if He doesn’t have Anyone Admit him to the orphanage Both Dev and Sonakshi gets Shocked and Ayush who is Listening to this Gets tears in Eyes.


    Dev tries to make him understand But She Says She Knows He Starts Liking Him and Dadi Likes Him too I don’t Want to see him and Dev Shouts At Suhana and She Starts Crying Sonakshi Stops Dev and Takes Suhana to Her Room and Tugs her to Bed.


    At Morning

    Ayush gets Shocked to See “I hate You” Written On The Wall and Sonakshi comes to Room for cleaning up and Gets Double Shocked. Ishwari comes to Take Ayush for Breakfast and She Asks Sonakshi “is that from Suhana” and Ishwari Sends Ayush for Breakfast.



    Ishwari tells Sonakshi to Make Suhana Understand But Sonakshi Replies that She is a Child and You Spoilt her and You Are Doing the Same with Ayush, Ishwari gets Angry and Tells Sonakshi to Become Strict So that She won’t Repeat This Mistake, Ayush is Your Child too, Sonakshi Replies That Suhana is My child too and Ishwari Says I Never Said No to this and Sonakshi understand her mistake and tells Ishwari That She will talk with Suhana.


    PRECAP For Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21th July 2021 :

     Ayush’s Grandparents come to Meet Suhana and Resembles with Rohit. Sonakshi Looks at Dev in anger.

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