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  • Friday, 30 July 2021

    Anupamaa 30th July 2021 Written Update "Vanraj-Anupamaa gets Notices of 20 Lakh Rupee Tax Due "


    Anupamaa 30th July 2021 Written Update "Vanraj-Anupamaa gets Notices of 20 Lakh Rupee Tax Due "

     Anupamaa 30th July 2021 Written Update "Vanraj-Anupamaa gets Notices of 20 Lakh Rupee Tax Due ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupamaa asks Vanraj why he is talking about giving rent to her.



     Kavya arrives at the cafe and tells Anupamaa that they will pay her rent for the cafe as they don’t need any favor from her. Anupamaa leaves the cafe and goes to her dance academy. Hasmukh gets angry and tells Leela that Vanraj didn’t do the right thing by misbehaving with Anupamaa as whatever Anupamaa did for him is out of her goodness.


    Anupamaa 30th July Today's Episode Written Update

    He doesn’t understand what’s wrong if Anupamaa is appreciated along with the cafe. Leela decides to talk to Vanraj. Hasmukh asks her to make Vanraj understand not to misbehave with Anupamaa. Vanraj asks the chef to keep trying the dishes of Anupamaa as customers would demand them. Kavya asks Vanraj not to worry as she will learn the dishes.


    Vanraj loses her temper and asks Kavya not to become over smart as that had only led to the bad reviews of the cafe from the side of the critic. Kavya asks him not to throw anger at her. Vanraj warns Kavya not to talk about only herself and take all the credit for the cafe. Samar tells Anupamaa that their home is special in terms of not thanking the one who helps in the time of crisis.




    He asks Anupamaa to take rent from Vanraj if he wants to give. Anupamaa advises Samar not to care about those who keep trying to pull others down rather focus on their work and stay happy. A couple arrives at the cafe to take an interview of Anupamaa and Vanraj for their talk show as they want to show the world that exes can be friends too.


    Kavya asks them to take her interview as she’s Vanraj’s present wife. Vanraj denies giving an interview to the couple and tells them that his current wife is helping him run the cafe and not his ex-wife. He tells the interviewer that he has never taken financial support from Anupamaa. The couple decides to leave. While leaving the lady tells her partner that Vanraj’s ego is hurt as Anupamaa being a woman has supported him.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 30th July 2021

    Vanraj hears their conversation and argues with them. The couple warns him to behave properly otherwise his cafe will get negative reviews. A man comes from the municipal and delivers a notice to Vanraj on behalf of Hasmukh. Vanraj gets to know from him that property tax isn’t given for the factory and which amounts to twenty lakh and had to be paid within one month otherwise the factory will be sealed.




    Vanraj is taken aback hearing the tax amount of the factory. The chef calls Vanraj asking him to taste the dish which he’s tried again. Vanraj goes to Anupamaa’s dance academy and finds her teaching online. He comes back to his cafe. Kavya calls Vanraj to choose some table cloths for the cafe as she’s sending some pictures to him.


     Vanraj asks her to choose everything by herself and disconnects the call. Samar and Anupamaa think Vanraj to be in stress. Samar tells Vanraj about a letter that a man delivered a few moments ago. Rakhi appreciates Paritosh for giving an ultimatum to Kinjal to come out of the house. Paritosh fears if Kinjal never bonds with him after shifting to the penthouse as she loves the Shahs more than she loves him.


    Rakhi suggests Paritosh shower love to Kinjal as Anupamaa does. Samar goes to the cafe to unlock the door which a kid has locked from the outside. The letter flies in front of Anupamaa. Before Vanraj could reach to catch the letter so that Anupamaa doesn’t see it, Anupamaa sees the letter and gets shocked to read the notice. Kavya comes back home after her shopping. Leela taunts Kavya and offers a glass of water to her.




    She asks Kavya for a cup of tea but Kavya demands her a cup of coffee. Pakhi comes running to Kavya to inform her about the dance trial in the school. Kavya gets irritated as she just reached home and feels tired. She asks Leela to bring the bum for her headache. Pakhi keeps on blabbering to Kavya about her dance and her friends.


    Kavya talks rudely to Pakhi asking her to give her some rest as she just came home. Pakhi asks her to rest. Leela notices Pakhi and Kavya’s conversation. She tells Pakhi that she should have understood Anupamaa’s situation earlier when she was tired too. Pakhi tells her that Anupamaa doesn’t give time to her. Leela offers coffee to Kavya and praises the curtains she brought. Anupamaa and Vanraj worry about the property tax.


    Anupamaa asks him not to reveal this to the family as Hasmukh shouldn’t be pressurised anyhow. She tells Vanraj that they will have to find a way as this factory shouldn’t be sealed. Vanraj gets emotional about his cafe. Anupamaa asks him to keep hope.


    Precap For Anupamaa 31st July 2021 Written Update :

     Kavya creates a scene in the house about the property tax notice. Rakhi asks them to take help from her instead of begging in front of others.

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