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  • Thursday, 22 July 2021

    Anupamaa 22nd July 2021 Written Update "Vanraj-Anupamaa's Fight Over Pakhi, Kavya Gets Happy"


    Anupamaa 22nd July 2021 Written Update "Vanraj-Anupamaa's Fight Over Pakhi, Kavya Gets Happy"

     Anupamaa 22nd July 2021 Written Update "Vanraj-Anupamaa's Fight Over Pakhi, Kavya Gets Happy".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupamaa scolds Pakhi for wasting money and food together.


    She asks Pakhi if she has ever seen how crops are cultivated by the farmers. Pakhi tells her that she has seen in movies how farmers sing and stay happy. Anupamaa blames herself for not ever taking her children to show how farmers till their land. Pakhi gets irritated by Anupamaa’s behavior.


    Anupamaa 22nd July Today's Episode Written Update

    Anupamaa gives some amount of money to Pakhi and asks her to burn the notes on fire. She brings Pakhi in front of the table where the foods are kept wasted. She shows the wasted foods to Pakhi and calculates the amount of money wasted. She loses her temper at Pakhi for not realizing the importance of hard-earned money and food. She berates Pakhi for telling her to throw away the rest of the food. She asks Pakhi where she should throw the food.


    Vanraj asks Anupamaa to calm down as it’s not a big deal. Anupamaa doesn’t pay attention to Vanraj’s words and tells Pakhi how her maturity level is just like a kid who hasn’t learned to walk. She asks Pakhi to order the amount of food that she and her friends will be able to eat without showing off much. Vanraj tries to stop Anupamaa from not making a mountain out of a mole.




    Anupamaa blames him for not reducing the order amount when he came to know that the order is from Pakhi and her friends who generally waste food. Pakhi asks Anupamaa if she’s asking to send back her friends hungry. Anupamaa asks her to order according to the level of hunger. Vanraj asks Anupamaa not to ruin Pakhi’s mood as she’s a child.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 22nd July 2021

    Anupamaa tells him that Pakhi isn’t a kid and a kid has more sense than her. Kavya tries interfering when Anupamaa shuts her up. Pakhi asks Anupamaa why she’s making scenes unnecessarily. Vanraj agrees with Pakhi. Anupamaa asks him not to pamper Pakhi when she’s wrong. 

    Pakhi bursts out in anger and argues with Samar taking Nandini’s name. She cries out loud when Kavya takes a stand for her. Vanraj asks Anupamaa not to scold Pakhi for just an amount of four thousand. Kavya agrees with Vanraj and decides to pay the money on Pakhi’s behalf.


    Anupamaa tells Vanraj that she hasn’t scolded Pakhi for the money being wasted but due to ber bad habits. Vanraj asks her to stop. Anupamaa asks Pakhi not to waste food ever. Leela feels Anupamaa be right. Vanraj tells Anupamaa that Pakhi is the youngest child of the house and is pampered too.



     Anupamaa tells him that Pakhi is a misbehaved girl. Leela tells Vanraj that if the family members order a huge list of food items without paying for them then the business will shut down. Vanraj tells that everyone will be getting discounts in his cafe. Kavya accuses Anupamaa of not liking Pakhi and her bond and creating a scene due to this.


    Anupamaa asks Kavya to think whatever she wants but asks Pakhi to take responsibility for her behaviour. Kavya asks her not to create so much drama for a few thousand rupees and decides to pay it all by herself. Anupamaa reminds her that the cafe belongs to Vanraj and asks Vanraj to take the money from Kavya along with the tip.


    Anupamaa leaves the hall and enters her room while Vanraj follows her. Vanraj asks her to give some peace to him. Anupamaa doesn’t want to talk and leaves. Later, Anupamaa arranges the food wasted by Pakhi and her friends with Samar’s help. Mama ji and Leela aren’t in a mood to have dinner. Kavya accuses Anupamaa of ruining everyone’s mood. Pakhi comes downstairs and gives the half amount of her order to Vanraj which she arranged from her piggy bank. Vanraj asks her not to do this.



    Leela scolds Pakhi for showing her ego instead of apologizing for her behaviour. She blames Anupamaa and Vanraj for the improper upbringing of Pakhi. Pakhi tries to speak when Leela warns her not to speak loudly. Vanraj asks Leela to stop. Leela blames Vanraj for behaving like Kavya. Pakhi asks Vanraj not to fight with anyone for her sake and gives him the money. As she leaves, Anupamaa asks her to have dinner. Pakhi denies and leaves.


     Vanraj asks Samar to stop who was following Pakhi. Samar decides not to listen to Vanraj as Pakhi didn’t listen to Anupamaa. Pakhi enters her room while Samar follows her. Samar calls Pakhi to be a spoiled brat. Vanraj blames Anupamaa for not letting Pakhi eat in the night. Anupamaa tells him that she knows when Pakhi feels hungry being her mother. She tells Vanraj that Pakhi isn’t hungry but angry. Vanraj blames Samar for his misbehaviour towards Pakhi. Meanwhile, Kinjal and Paritosh arrive home after their office.


    Precap For Anupamaa 23rd July 2021 Written Update :

     Vanraj gives away leaflets standing in the street. Rakhi’s friend sees Vanraj on the footpath and taunts Rakhi for Vanraj being Kinjal’s father-in-law.

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