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  • Wednesday, 21 July 2021

    Anupamaa 21st July 2021 Written Update " Anupamaa gets Shocked to See Pakhi's Order From Cafe, Vanraj's Huge Sacrifice"


    Anupamaa 21st July 2021 Written Update " Anupamaa gets Shocked to See Pakhi's Order From Cafe, Vanraj's Huge Sacrifice"

     Anupamaa 21st July 2021 Written Update " Anupamaa gets Shocked to See Pakhi's Order From Cafe, Vanraj's Huge Sacrifice" .

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kavya asks Pakhi not to worry as she’s there for her. Everyone leaves for their work.



    Anupamaa and Vanraj reach the factory and light up a diya. Vanraj tells Anupamaa that he’s nervous as he has never done a business earlier. Anupamaa asks him to take a deep breath and wishes him all the best for his day. Leela tries to make Pakhi understand that she will not be doing the right thing by insulting Anupamaa.


    She asks Kavya to mend her relationship with Pakhi without ruining Anupamaa’s relationship with her daughter. She tells Pakhi and Kavya to analyze their behavior and improve it. Pakhi apologizes to Leela for making mistakes. Kavya apologises to Leela too. Leela’s imagination breaks and finds Kavya and Pakhi laughing out loud seeing something on the phone. She calls both Kavya and Pakhi but they don’t listen to what she was trying to say.

    Anupamaa 21st July Today's Episode Written Update


    Samar starts the warm-up of the students in the dance academy. Anupamaa asks Samar if he has informed his friends about Vanraj’s cafe. Samar tells her that he has texted his friends already. Vanraj keeps waiting for customers to arrive. He looks at Anupamaa’s dance academy. Meanwhile, a girl arrives who arrived on an opening day. She orders a coffee which Vanraj serves. Vanraj looks at Anupamaa smilingly.



    Leela tries making something in the garden. Kavya asks her what she’s doing but Leela gets disturbed by her. Pakhi’s friends arrive at the Shah house while Pakhi welcomes them. Kavya decides to meet Pakhi’s friends and approaches them. One of Pakhi’s friends tells Pakhi that Kavya has turned to her stepmother from her bestie.


     Pakhi hugs Kavya and tells her friends that Kavya isn’t like other stepmoms but is the coolest one who’s teaching her dance moves for her competition. Leela gets irritated with Pakhi for being getting close to Kavya. Another friend asks Pakhi why she didn’t learn dancing from Anupamaa. Pakhi tells her that Anupamaa doesn’t have time for her.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 21st July 2021

    Leela comes to speak in favor of Anupamaa. She tells Pakhi’s friends that Anupamaa has so many things to handle and blames Pakhi for learning dance from Kavya even when Anupamaa wanted to teach her. She asks Pakhi to tell the entire truth to her friends.

    Kavya asks Pakhi’s friends if they would like to have a cold drink. Pakhi’s friends agree to Kavya’s offer. Kavya cheers up Pakhi. Vanraj sits at a table with disappointment as only one customer has arrived since the morning. He talks to mama ji about his fears about his business.




     Mama ji asks him to keep hope. Vanraj worries if Kavya’s words regarding his business would come true. Pakhi shows her dance moves to her friends. Leela calls Kavya and asks her to cook something for Pakhi’s friends as they must be hungry. Anupamaa brings some of her students’ parents to Vanraj’s cafe. Vanraj orders masala tea for them.


     Meanwhile, mama ji gets a call and writes some orders overcall. Meanwhile, Vanraj serves tea to his customers. Mama ji shows the order to Vanraj. Vanraj is amazed to see such a huge list of orders and gets excited. Mama ji forgets to write the address of the customer. Vanraj asks him not to worry as the driver of the customer will arrive to pick up the order. He gives the list to the chef. Leela tells her neighbors that Vanraj’s cafe has good quality tea.


     The neighbors decide to visit Vanraj’s cafe once. Leela tells them that the environment of the cafe is also very nice for the senior citizens. Vanraj keeps waiting for the driver to pick up the orders. Meanwhile, a driver comes and Vanraj delivers the parcels asking him for the money. Samar writes down the amount of money they made. Mama ji asks Vanraj for the cash. Vanraj tells him that the driver has made an online payment to the orders.



    Anupamaa, Vanraj, and Samar arrive home and find Pakhi’s friends in the house. Anupamaa and Samar notice burgers and drinks on the table from Vanraj’s cafe and realizes that the big order came from their house only. Vanraj recalls that the driver told him how Pakhi asked him not to give money for the order. Pakhi hugs Vanraj and thanks to her.


    The friends praise the food of Vanraj’s cafe. They take their leave. Pakhi thanks Vanraj. Anupamaa finds that Pakhi’s friends have wastes a lot of food. She asks Pakhi if there are any food items which isn’t touched by her friends. Pakhi tells her that her friends took a bite and tasted everything. Anupamaa asks her what to do with the rest of the food. Pakhi casually asks her to throw it.


    Precap For Anupamaa 22nd July 2021 Written Update :

    Anupamaa loses temper at Pakhi for wasting money and food. Kavya asks Anupamaa not to be dramatic for some money. Anupamaa asks Vanraj to take the money from Kavya along with the tip.

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